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V for Vendetta

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Essay title: V for Vendetta

ve been raised in cities that the major race is white and it has effected my views on religion up until now. People may not admit it, but religion always comes up in school growing up. It may not be preached, but always discussed. I remember in grade school and kids asked if I was Mormon or Christian. I would say I'm neither and they would just look at me and ask what I believed in. I knew what people were thinking I wasn't dumb.

I can't say that kids didn't have an effect on me because growing up is already hard enough with kids talking about you. I always felt self conscious with all the questions about me and what I was wearing. For instance, growing up I wore a red string around my neck, people would be like why are you wearing that string? I would say it was for good luck and people would be like a string for good luck and laugh.

Its been many

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