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"bros Before Hos" Engaging the Text Question

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Maria Castillo

Professor Desai

English 1005B


Homework #2

         According to the text by Michael Kimmel’s “’Bros Before Hos’: The Guy Code” boys become men following certain “norms” made by themselves. Boys become “men” by all the comments they probably have heard their whole life. They believe that being a man is someone who doesn’t cry, someone who is strong, and as well doesn’t show his feelings towards anyone or anything.  I believe these guys/men grow being insecure of themselves thinking that the only way others won’t think they are gay is acting like they do not have a heart, dressing a certain way, walking a certain way. Michael Kimmel’s states that a three year old was crying at a barber because they were putting chemicals on his hair and the barber said “ this boy is a wimp” the father concerned goes home and tells the boy’s mother he shouldn’t spend so much time with her, that he will do more sports with him. This goes to show that men are influenced since such a young age which I completely think it will only bring insecurity to these boys other men want to see grow as what they believe is right. Their development affects their emotional lives and relationships with others, as an example it disconnects them from their mothers believing that if they spend more time with them they will become “Mama’s boy” which is totally not true, sharing your feelings with whoever you are comfortable with is what brings peace to ones heart. But men become completely disconnected from everything surrounding them when they pretend not to feel. Not only disconnected with their mothers, but with everyone, school friends, family members, pretending to act a certain way to not be called gay or feeling they have not grown into the men their dad, coach, male teacher, or brothers taught them to be.

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