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Text Questions

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Essay title: Text Questions

AJS 192

Out of class assignment

April 7, 2008

1. Why do you believe that the prevalence of disgruntled employees who later become mass murders goes in cycles? I believe that disgruntled employees become mass murderers because they feel as though they have been treated unfairly or unjustly. What is it about large agencies or governmental bureaucracies that make them more frequent victims of disgruntled employee mass murderers? I believe that large agencies are victims of disgruntled employee mass murderers because large agencies have a revolving door policy. Large agencies don’t have the time to deal with employees on a one and one basis and it’s easier for them to replace their employees instead of fixing curtain problems.

2. What time of gain does a disgruntled employee expect to receive after having committed his or her murderous deed? The disgruntled employee expects to gain recognition and for a brief moment, justice for their cause.

3. Why do you believe that during commission of the act, the disgruntled employee often is not concerned with murdering specific persons who may have ridiculed him or her in the past, but is concerned with taking the lives of persons in the branch or department of the agency? I feel as though the disgruntled employee doesn’t target the person who has wronged them and only concerned with taking out as many people from the agency as a whole is because they want the recognition of maiming the company as a whole.

5. What role do physical traits of the victim play in the killings by disgruntled employee mass murder? I believe that physical traits of the victim plays no role at all in the situation because the disgruntled employee mass murderer is there to kill as many people as they can in a short amount of time.

Chapter 12 pg. 133

1. Of the seven types of mass murderers discussed in this book, which type is one least likely to protect oneself from? The family Annihilator mass murderer, in my opinion, is the type of mass murderer that one is least likely to protect themselves from because they are the least expected mass murderer to strike. No one expects their own family member to be a mass murderer.

2. What effect does a mass murderer have of a community? How long does this last? Why do you believe that a mass murder appears to affect the residents of a

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