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  • Oedipus and Blindness Imagery

    Oedipus and Blindness Imagery

    Jack Beasley AP English Essay A January 30, 2001 In the story of Oedipus the king, Sophocles beautifully demonstrates the imagery of sight versus blindness through the use of tragedy and ignorance. Oedipus is ignorant to his own incest, therefore causing the first instance of his blindness. The second instance of Oedipus’ blindness is the ignorance of his true parent’s identity. The third instance of Oedipus’ blindness is a literal one, in which he physically

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    Submitted: December 5, 2009 By: Max
  • Oedipus and Odysseus

    Oedipus and Odysseus

    Oedipus the King and The Odyssey share many similarities. The most important and significant similarity is that both epic poems are involved in a conflict when we first encounter the poems. In The Odyssey, we learn that the main character, Odysseus, has been held captive by the nymph Calypso for twenty years. We also learn that Odysseus had finished (and won) fighting a war against the city of Troy and has been held captive by

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    Submitted: May 1, 2010 By: Tommy
  • Oedipus as a Plot Driven Tragedy

    Oedipus as a Plot Driven Tragedy

    According to Aristotle, the driving force behind tragic works lies not in the development of characters but in the formulation of a specific plot structure. Aristotle believed that the purpose of all art is to imitate life and that human beings live their lives through events and actions. He argues that characters serve to advance the events of the plotline and that the characters themselves are not central. Aristotle's opinions on tragedy were largely constructed

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    Submitted: November 28, 2009 By: Top
  • Oedipus as a Tragic Hero

    Oedipus as a Tragic Hero

    The foundations of Greek tragedy were laid down by the philosopher Aristotle in his famous “Poetics” which discussed the characteristics of a tragic hero. In this composition of philosophy and literary theories, Aristotle’s ideas revolve around three crucial effects to audience members. First, the audience must develop an emotional attachment to the tragic hero. Next, the audience must fear what may befall the hero. Finally, once misfortune strikes, the audience pities the suffering hero. Clearly,

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    Submitted: March 1, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Oedipus at Colonus

    Oedipus at Colonus

    Sophocles was a Greek playwright who lived during the 5th century b.c. The Oedipus Cycle is one of his most famous works; the trilogy of plays traces the ill-fated life of a noble blooded man and his descendants. Oedipus at Colonus is the second play of the set. Oedipus at Colonus is set many years after Oedipus the Rex, and Oedipus has changed his perspective on his exile from Thebes. He has decided that he

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    Submitted: April 8, 2010 By: Edward
  • Oedipus Failure to Avoid Destiny

    Oedipus Failure to Avoid Destiny

    The Failure of Destiny Avoidance (plan) The characters in Oedipus Rex try very hard to avoid their destiny but ultimately fail. Discuss King Oedipus is a dramatic play about how the characters Oedipus, Jocasta, and Laius live to put all their efforts in avoidance of their destiny but ultimately fail.  Destiny: Oedipus murder Laius (father) and incest to Jocasta.  Murder and incest considered extremely bad in Greek society  punished by Gods 

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    Submitted: December 29, 2009 By: Mike
  • Oedipus Report

    Oedipus Report

    In Oedipus rex there were a lot of people to blame that contributed to the fate of Oedipus.Not only were there a lot of people to blame, but there were factors and events that probably couldn’t be avoided. The tragedy also could’ve been prevented if Oedipus would’ve chosen different actions. Oedipus was ignorant in many ways to see the truth from the start of his legacy that had overcome thebes. King Lauis and Jocosta could

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    Submitted: December 22, 2009 By: Fonta
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    “Oedipus Rex Essay” In this essay of Oedipus Rex there are four characteristics I will discuss. The first characteristic I will discuss is if the story of Oedipus Rex is an example of a Greek tragedy and if so what is the fundamental tragedy. Next I will describe the basic tension in this play. The third characteristic I will explain is what motivation I find in the character Oedipus and last but not least I

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    Submitted: November 12, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex Oedipus runs away from the land of Corinth to the land of Thebes because of a godly prediction that one day he shall murder his father and marry his own mother. Oedipus did not know that he was the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta. As a baby, King Laius and Queen Jocasta commanded a shepherd to pin Little Oedipus’ ankles and place him at the top of a mountain to die.

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    Submitted: November 20, 2009 By: Kevin
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    You Are Not The Boss Of Me!!! Oedipus is a very complex character. He can be viewed as either caring and sympathetic to his subjects or he can be viewed as a self-centered ruler who only puts on an act in hopes of gaining the adoration of his subjects. Oedipus Rex in fact was a very prideful king. This was proven in many of his speeches. For instances in scene one, line 180, in scene

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    Submitted: November 20, 2009 By: Jon
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    SOME twelve years before the action of the play begins, Oedipus has been made King of Thebes in gratitude for his freeing the people from the pestilence brought on them by the presence of the riddling Sphinx. Since Laius, the former king, had shortly before been killed, Oedipus has been further honored by the hand of Queen Jocasta. Now another deadly pestilence is raging and the people have come to ask Oedipus to rescue them

    Essay Length: 399 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: January 4, 2010 By: July
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex is one of Greek literatures classic tragedies. It supports and demonstrates Aristotle’s view on tragedy in the story, and ultimately defines how this drama is a tragedy. He talks about tragedy being “an imitation of a noble and complete action” (Witt, 165) along with being artistically enhanced with fearful incidents. Important parts of tragedies also include plot, character, diction, thought, spectacle, and melody. Tragedies are imitations of human action, life, happiness, and

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex was a story of destruction through knowledge of his own fate. In this story Oedipus came into a new city and saved the people th rough knowing an answer to an riddle to get rid of the Sphinx. When a plague came over these same people they turned to Oedipus to help them get rid of it. Oedipus is not sure of what to do so he sent a messenger to Apollo,

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    Submitted: January 23, 2010 By: Jack
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus, since the day he was born, always had control over his fate. The gods had never intervened in Oedipus’ life, but rather or simply gave a ‘hint’ as to what Oedipus is to face in the future. This ‘hint’ could supposedly be to try and help Oedipus avoid his downfall. And so, decisions as to which paths to take were not up to the gods, but to the individual, Oedipus. Logically speaking, the gods

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    Submitted: March 4, 2010 By: Max
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles is considered by Aristotle, one of the most important and influential philosophers of all time, the model of Greek tragedy and Oedipus as the model of a tragic hero. Oedipus character in this Greek tragedy perfectly fits Aristotle’s description of real tragic hero. Oedipus was not entirely a flawed or evil person, but he is a person who also has good character. Oedipus good characteristics were most

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    Submitted: March 24, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Irony is an element of literature very well known in Greek epics. In Oedipus the King irony is well demonstrated in a series of events. Verbal, situational and dramatic irony are used in this play. The play itself is a classic dramatic irony at its finest and fullest, and inside it the different parts are full of irony, too. The play is about a prophecy in which Oedipus’ fate is to kill his father

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    Submitted: April 1, 2010 By: Artur
  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Just as in real life, you get to know the characters in a piece of literature by their words, their actions, and of course, by the words of others. This method of acquainting the reader with a character is called characterization. Direct characterization portrays a character through his or her own words, whereas indirect characterization illustrates a character through the author's or other characters' words. Direct and indirect characterization allow us to see not

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    Submitted: April 15, 2010 By: Artur
  • Oedipus Rex - a Tragic Figure

    Oedipus Rex - a Tragic Figure

    Oedipus Rex: A tragic figure The events in Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, show a relationship of man's free will existing within the fate, which the Greeks believed, guided the universe. Man was free to choose and was ultimately held responsible for his own actions. Both the concepts of fate and free will played a major part in Oedipus' destruction. Although he was a victim of fate, he was not controlled by it. Oedipus

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    Submitted: March 27, 2010 By: Bred
  • Oedipus Rex - Dripping with Irony

    Oedipus Rex - Dripping with Irony

    Oedipus Rex- Dripping with Irony Sophocles’ masterpiece Oedipus has both fascinated and terrified audiences for centuries. The story offers unique insight into the complexities of human nature, of pain and suffering. King Oedipus is fortune’s fool, and at the mercy of fate throughout the entire play. It is, however, his own decisions and actions which ultimately cause his demise. With creative use of irony, Sophocles makes apparent how tragic both fate and even free will

    Essay Length: 595 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: February 5, 2010 By: Jon
  • Oedipus Rex - Who Determines Our Fate?

    Oedipus Rex - Who Determines Our Fate?

    Who Determines Our Fate? In the play Oedipus Rex it was thought that what the Gods had in store for you was your fate. The gods had put a curse on King Lauis saying that his first born son was going to kill him and marry his mother. Knowing that the Gods minds couldn’t be changed when Oedipus was born the king had one of his men take him out and leave him on the

    Essay Length: 1,405 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: November 11, 2009 By: Mike
  • Oedipus Rex Analysis Essay

    Oedipus Rex Analysis Essay

    The chorus play an important role throughout the play, they not only set up various scenes, but they represent the collective moods and feelings that are supposed to be felt at the time. When the chorus mourns, the audience mourn. They are also the voice of reason, clarity and sense, attributes to which we cannot associate with Oedipus. And so they play a vital role, connecting his actions back to the play. A way to

    Essay Length: 1,708 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: December 17, 2009 By: Steve
  • Oedipus Rex and Aristotle

    Oedipus Rex and Aristotle

    The Six Elements of a Tragedy in “Oedipus Rex” Aristotle’s “The Poetics” describes the process of a tragedy. It is not the guide per se of writing a tragedy but is the idea’s Aristotle collected while studying tragedies. A tragedy, according to Aristotle, consists of six major points. The first and most important is the plot, which is what all the other points are based on. Such points are: character, language, thought, melody, and spectacle

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    Submitted: December 19, 2009 By: Artur
  • Oedipus Rex and the Riddle

    Oedipus Rex and the Riddle

    Oedipus Rex, written by Sophocles is a Greek tragedy built on the basis of a riddle given by the maleficent Sphinx, who in Egypt is considered the protector of the three pyramids, however, the perspective given to us by the narrator in this drama allows us to view that it is really a “disease” which plagues, torments and confines the citizens of Thebes. Despite that fact, the Sphinx can represent all that is rational about

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    Submitted: May 31, 2010 By: Jon
  • Oedipus Rex and the Theme of Blindness

    Oedipus Rex and the Theme of Blindness

    Sophocles’s play, “Oedipus the King” is one of the most well known of the Greek tragedies. The play’s interesting plot, along with the incredible way it is written are only two of the many reasons why two thousand years later, it is still being read and viewed. For those who are not familiar with the story of “Oedipus the King”, it is written about the results of a curse put on King Oedipus which claims

    Essay Length: 379 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: December 19, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Oedipus Rex as a Tragic Hero

    Oedipus Rex as a Tragic Hero

    The character of Oedipus can definitely be defined as a tragic hero as he possesses all five components of the accepted definition. Tragic heros must be people of high or noble birth, not pre-eminently virtuous or just, who, through some fatal flaw in their own character or serious error in judgment, precipitate their own downfall and thereby gain knowledge through suffering. The first aspect that defines a tragic hero is that of one being born

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    Submitted: December 14, 2009 By: regina
  • Oedipus Rex Broken Down

    Oedipus Rex Broken Down

    Oedipus Rex Broken Down Oedipus Rex is a classic tragedy that shows how King Oedipus does some detestable things that led to his misfortune and eventually end his reign as the “King of Thebes.” I will be breaking down the Plot, Structure and Setting of this play, and then go more in depth into the theme. The Plot in Oedipus Rex had a set pattern. The play opens with a Prologue, which is in the

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    Submitted: March 10, 2010 By: Mikki
  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

    Carrie A. Bailey Leonardi English Literature November 6, 2007 Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex by Sophocles’ is one of the more abnormal, while still very interesting, works of ancient Greek drama. One of the main questions a reader will face while reading this play is whether one person’s fate is determined by the Gods, or by his or her own decisions and actions. Oedipus, the title character, had the events of his future predicted by the

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    Submitted: November 15, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Oedipus Rex Comparisons

    Oedipus Rex Comparisons

    The book, Oedipus Rex, has a full range of characters. The colloquy, activity and motivation circle around the characters in the whole story. We find Oedipus Rex trying to get away, from home, to flee the prophecy. The prophecy states that he will kill his father and marry his mother. He also tries to clear up a murder of the old king. Oedipus marries a widow named Iokaste. He also gets advice from a seer

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    Submitted: January 6, 2010 By: Yan
  • Oedipus Rex the Hero

    Oedipus Rex the Hero

    Throught Oedipus Rex, Oedipus displays his heroism many times. From the Prologue of the play to the moment in which he leaves Thebes, Oedipus' heroics become extremely apparent; however, at the same time, the decisions which make Oedipus a hero ultimately become the decisions which bring him to shamefulness and exile. From before Oedipus was born, he was doomed to become the child who would kill his father and marry his mother, a very

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    Submitted: February 28, 2010 By: Steve
  • Oedipus Rex Versus Antigone

    Oedipus Rex Versus Antigone

    In Oedipus Rex Sophocles uses Creon for a foil to Oedipus. In Antigone Sophocles uses Creon as the Greek tragic hero. In Oedipus Rex the character of Creon serves as a foil to Oedipus. Creon is portrayed as a rational, ethical, and dutiful leader who represents the need for a stable society. All the while Oedipus is portrayed as a rash, unreasonable, and overly confident king, who is constantly trying to keep up with his

    Essay Length: 518 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 16, 2010 By: Stenly
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