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Changing Seasons

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Changing Seasons

By Ravio31668

As I walk towards the Mag-Train, accompanied by two peacekeepers clad in protective gear, something catches my eye. A pure white rose, fully bloomed, elegant, perfect, flawless. I pluck it and place it in my breast pocket. The nectareous smell hits my nose.

The train passes by the hundreds of skyscrapers and fountains of the ever-rich Capitol of Panem. I arrive at the party and exit the train stepping out into teeming plaza full of colours, patterns, and other flamboyant clothes. Eyes turn to me as I walk towards to closet cluster of known faces.

“Coriolanus! You’re here!” Exclaims Tigris.

"Ah, Tigris nice work on District 2’s clothes.”

“Wait to see what I’ve got this year.” Counters another stylist.

Tigris is starting to gain quite a following with her trademark animal look. Many stylists envy her look of whiskers with black and orange stripes, to me she seems unnatural, like if the Sun was out at night.

“Now I would like to call up all the candidates for a toast for running for president of Panem with me!” Announced Mobit.

Mobit was an interesting case.  Another candidate is another threat, but every time I’ve encountered him, he’s treated me like a brother. But that is what scares me since he’s so nice he gives hope for more flexible laws if he gets elected.

I walk up to the stage with a full glass in hand, waving to all as I step up to the stage and shake Mobit’s hand.

"Thank you all for coming out here to drink and chat with us, it's your votes that we need to get up there and make a change. So, a toast to potential presidency!"

The sound of glasses clinking echoes around me as I finish my drink. I pat Mobit on the back.

“Just remember only one gets up there.” I remind him as I walk away and place my empty glass on a table.

Just looking around and listening, I already know that a lot of the other candidates have more supporters than me. My smile fades. That will soon change.


I quickly look around at the table checking whether it's all acceptable. My house must look spotless. I move to the door and nonchalantly open it.

“Welcome, please come inside.” I try to force a smile.

“Take a seat at the table and get comfortable.”

All of them scan the new environment, their faces in wonder. I wait for them to settle into their seats before I do. They eagerly wait for me to make some sort of speech while they get ready to pounce on the hot food at any second.

“Now before we begin, I would like you all to try some of the finest, most exquisite wine from the far reaches of Panem.”

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