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Acting Is Life

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Acting Is Life

I have gone on many adventures during the 17 years I have been alive, and there are many expeditions I still wish to pursue. However, the number one thing I repeatedly am asked as a teenager is: what do you want to do after you graduate?

My response has always been simple: I am going to attend college and get a BFA in Acting. The BFA will then provide me with the necessary tools to achieve my goals in life. The program will be rigorous and and teach me discipline, dedication, and determination. I will learn to trust my instincts and to develop my skills and talent into something so much more than they already are. Acting is not a very safe career to pursue and attending a college and receiving a BFA in Acting would equip me with needed skills such as managing finances and how to take the initiative in order to get roles and jobs. Being an actor is many things, but it is so much more than just acting. I do not wish to be one type of role. I am not going to do it for the fame or for the money. I am going to do it so that I can be whatever I want. I am going to act so that I change lives.

I want to be a police officer and a firefighter. I want to play football and also fight in the UFC. I wish to stand for freedom and take a stand against tyranny. I long to save a damsel in distress and become a legendary hero.

I will seek love. I will cry, yell, laugh, smile, scowl, glare, giggle. I want to make others chuckle or sob. I want to kiss a dazzlingly beautiful girl. I want to fight alongside my brother for the preservation

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