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Action Plan for Marketing Communications

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Action Plan for Marketing Communications

Although advertising can be very expense, it is effective! Advertising is a good return on investment because image and brand recognition drive consumers to buy products and services. Therefore, Dirty Deeds Incorporated (DDI) must start an advertising campaign in order to familiarize and charm their target audience. This will assist DDI in moving past the introduction stage, and into the growth stage by establishing a strong and emergent customer base. In order to reach the target audience of 25 to 40 year old males, DDI will utilize a strong advertising campaign consisting of flyers, ads in the Tucson Weekly, and commercials aired on television (ESPN, KGUN, and FOX). By designing and implementing an advertising campaign that arouses this specific audience, Dirty Deeds is saving money by choosing the right marketing avenues that increase their chance for success in the 21st century.

Direct marketing is a cost effective way to help DDI locate and retain customers throughout the year. Hiring one or two people at $6.00 an hour to distribute flyers will decrease the cost associated with mail out flyers. The Census Bureau revealed that zip codes 85710, 85715, 85748, and 85749 contain a combined total of 25,504 potential customers that fit in DDI's target audience with an average household income of $56,647. Therefore, the flyer will be aimed at those particular zip codes beginning in November of 2005. During the months of November 2005, June 2006, and September 2006 flyers will be distributed the first and third week of the month. In December 2005, January 2006, April 2006, and May 2006, flyer distribution will be conducted weekly. July and August are generally off-season months and will require less advertisement intensity. Thus, flyers will only be distributed during the second week of those months.

To remain within the constraints of the advertising budget, DDI has chosen to utilize the services of Kinko's for the reproduction of the flyers. Kinko's currently offers the bulk purchase of reproductions utilizing reams (500 copies) for $4.29 (FedEx/Kinko's). During DDI's busy months, 102,106 flyers will be distributed which costs $816.48. Moderate concentration months will require 51,008 flyers per month, and 25,504 per month for the lower concentration months. DDI will then save even more by hiring short-term employees to hand out these flyers instead of paying expensive postage fees.

According to DDI's survey, television is the right media for advertising housecleaning services because 75 percent of the target market will be reached. Moreover, Dirty Deeds main objective of having their message delivered to the right people at the right time will be met. In addition, using Cox cable to advertise will enable DDI to use secondary research to identify specific times and channels, such as ESPN, KGUN, and FOX in which the majority of the target audience are watching. If the message reaches the right populace the ad is considered successful and increased sales will likely result.

The Tucson Weekly newspaper is another high-quality and appropriate media resource to utilize when news, entertainment, and business ads must be advertised. According to the advertising personnel at the Tucson Weekly, 32.8 percent of their 194,000 plus customer base fits into DDI's target audience. Furthermore, the Tucson Weekly is distributed in convenient locations around Tucson, and the ads for DDI will be easily seen in the newspaper. This gives the business great exposure to both the target audience and others who may be interested as well. Since there will be a total of twenty four ads that will run throughout the year, DDI will pay a reduced rate of $109 per ad. This equals a total of $2,136 per year. Advertising in the Tucson Weekly is a great opportunity for DDI to reach out and be recognized by the local community.

Advertising is a challenging and expensive undertaking. Therefore, it is important for Dirty Deeds Inc. to design and implement an effective tracking and evaluation process for each advertising effort and sales promotion in order to measure return on investment. DDI's initial advertising will be on television and in the Tucson Weekly. Additionally, flyers will be distributed around Tucson's campuses, bars, and nightclubs. Designing an effective tracking and evaluating process for each of these advertising efforts and sales promotions will assist DDI in determining the most effective marketing strategies that maximize the company's wealth. An effective campaign will penetrate DDI's targeted audiences with advertisements and promotions that resonate with them and compel them to purchase the service.

Targeting single males between the ages of 25 and 40 may be achieved by advertising on Cox local cable.

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