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Functions of Management Paper

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In today's ever-changing business climate where it seems like everyone is trying to less with more, the importance of a good manager is magnified more than ever. The ability of a manager to adapt to various scenarios and personalities in the work environment will only enhance a business that is going through constant change. How these individuals handle these situations can make or break employee's morale in turn influencing the very fabric that is the basis for success.

Planning is defined by identifying specific goals and determining in advance the steps or actions that are needed to achieve those objectives. Proper planning can alleviate potential obstacles that would otherwise be detrimental in achieving a specific objective. Anticipating change is an important factor when going through the planning process, change is something that will always be prevalent in today's business world and even the most bulletproof plan will take a beating when this factor comes into play. It is always important to have input from various resources when considering a plan of action as this will allow you to consider all avenues of approach and therefore increase your chances of obtaining your goal. Above everything else, a plan is only as good as the amount of time and effort that is put forth by all parties involved. For example, my company has recently set specific hours for deliveries and shipments with the exception of certain critical parts. Without these pre-determined hours our vendors would spend a lot of time waiting rather than doing what they came there for. These hours allow our scheduler to schedule larger loads for the heart of the work day when we have a much larger workforce capable of handling these shipments.

Organizing is the next step in the management process, and probably the most important in terms of the development stage and setting the winds of change in motion. Organizing is the assembling and coordinating part of the process, which involves identifying job responsibilities, allocating recourses or funds, and creating an environment for success in which people feel comfortable working with one another and possibly meeting each other for the first time. Assigning certain individuals or groups a specific goal or agenda allows them to focus on a specific goal rather than trying to accomplish multiple tasks all at once. By assigning these specific tasks it also gives the worker a sense of ownership and pride to look back and know that they had a direct effect on the final outcome. Organizing is the foundation for success, without this step in the process it would be quite difficult to complete this task.

Leaders have the ability to enhance or deter a worker from completing their goal; the effectiveness of a leader is only measured by the success of the worker's underneath them. An effective leader

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