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Mgt 330 - Functions of Management Paper

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Essay title: Mgt 330 - Functions of Management Paper


Functions of Management

University of Phoenix


Management: Theory, Practice, and Application


Michael Geraghty

September 23, 2004

Workshop #2

Functions of Management

This paper will make clear the four functions of management in a perfect organizational situation. It is unrealistic to encounter, but easy to image the perfect company. Thus, for discussion purposes, and class project, JVS and Sons will be the perfect company to apply the four functions of management.

An organization which can achieve specific goals and provide excellent customer service is true to its mission statement. Developing a good reputation with customers, employees, and the community takes planning. JVS has established such a relationship with its community e.g. home association, financial institutions, suppliers, and its employees. It has benefited the company having these entities as business associates.

The planning of obtaining new projects (work) relies on the estimator. The perfect scenario after the new project that is awarded to JVS is: The contract is executed and the necessary documentation is forwarded to construction Management Companies or project owners. These documents include notice to owner(s), and commencement of work order. The importance of these documents, which are also documented and recorded in the county with jurisdiction, is payment obligation. The planning of establishing a mission statement with objectives, and subliminal ideas of creating business contacts to facilitate in expediting information, such as, permits, contracts, payments, and bank deposits are all considered vital to the existence of an organization. The message here should not be misconstrued, to facilitate, and expedite is to learn where, and when to move paper, and not encounter the dead end paper shuffle.

Organizing is a functional task preformed to focus on control of information, and coordination of services that the organization provides. The perfect scenario for JVS is to obtain a work order, and submit a Request For Information (RFI) to the general contractor. Obtain the color(s) in the RFI reply with a commencement date. Organize the purchase of the paint with necessary supplies, the shipment of these items to the job site, rental of aerial equipment, and informing the supervisor of the start date with hour allowance to complete the task. Complete task, and submit customer survey package.

Directing and Leading flawlessly involves employees decoding correctly, the instructions given to them from the project manager. Project managers and supervisors who treat employees with respect and integrity will find leading, a good experience. The expected outcome is achieving projected targets, finish jobs on time, usage of estimated material, and labor correctly.

Progress is necessary for an organization to survive, and the measurement of progress is equally important. Applying controls on the

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