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Intellectual Space - a Discussion

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When talking about intellectual space, I personally think it is a great thing to have. You need that intellectual space so you can create, and explore the complexities of a topic. First you need to know what intellectual space actually is, and after thinking long and hard about what it is. I came up with, it is the space between the topic you are writing about and the final draft. When talking about this space you can not pinpoint what it actually is, because it is actually everything but two steps in an essay or article or what ever you are writing about. Intellectual space can be your invention, thesis, drafting/revision. Invention as in figuring the type of language to use to explore, and develop your ideas. Invention of lists, idea webs and even just writing, because writing actually helps you figure out what to write. Your ideas created through invention help you with your thesis. Thesis’s are usually so difficult because you are only require one. But your intellectual space allows to to create many and pick the perfect one from those. Everyone's first draft is always “rough” hince the word rough draft, because it is a bunch of ideas thrown together to try creating an essay or whatever you are writing. When doing your early drafts, it is always

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