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Personal Career Essay

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I would like to boost my salary, I can pursue getting my veterinary specialist degree, or my DMV degree. These would entail 2-4 more years of schooling, and an internship.

In the next three years of high school I could take classes such as vet science ll, anatomy and physiology, and biology. These all would further my understanding and knowledge in this field of study.

After doing some of my own personal research, my ideal college/university would be Cornell, located in Ithaca, New York, in a semi-rural setting. With a prestigious acceptance rate of 14%, an essay, a letter of recommendation, an interview, transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores are required for applying. The estimated tuition for out-of-state is approximately $67,422 annually. Being a private school, the financial aid can cover up to $44, 859. The total to go to Cornell, for someone like me would total (expenses less financial aid) $22,563. Since my definite major of interest is animal science, it is my dream to attend a top agricultural/animal science school in the country. At Cornell, CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) seems to best fit my interest. Along with that, I would strive to play lacrosse there as well.

Another optimal school for me is Virginia

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