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Towards Corporate Sustainability Management

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Towards Corporate Sustainability Management

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        As environmental pollution and its social responsibility are becoming a controversial social issue, people often mention sustainable development as one of the solutions for those issues. In the pursuit of sustainable development, corporate sustainability management has become an essential challenge for management in the 21st century. It aims to make our societies, environment, and systems of production and consumption more sustainable in social, environmental, and ethical ways. To accomplish these objectives, companies must work in socially contributing, environment-friendly, and ethical methods.

        First, to contribute to societies, not only can companies donate and sponsor non-profit organizations, but also try to reduce non-regular workers. By doing so, corporations can help minimize the gap between the rich and the poor. Also, they can educate children of low-income families to give an opportunity for a fairer distribution of money.

Next, corporations should limit CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and ban animal testing of products for environmental causes. Since consumers’ demand for environmental products is increasing, an eco-friendly operation will entail benefit along with helping the ecosystem.

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