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My Road Map - Personal Essay

My Road Map

Right now I’m surrounded by all people who have the word “University” on their agenda whether it’s a parent or my peers. We all are very anxious and want to make the right decision since its constructs our future personalities. Marketing always interested me since the time I could remember and taking a clue from my interest I aim to become a marketing professional and to work for a marketing media firm. I guess if you do what interests you it comes a passion and what better than to make it a profession. I came to know about your respective university when they visited our school ( The Indian High School) for the awareness program.Since then I have being digging information about your respective university , spoken to people and found that it has the right curriculum for realizing my aim , the interaction with the respective faculty further cemented my decision.  In addition I have fallen in love with the campus after seeing it first – hand, its very welcoming and motivated me to spend my college years in its envelope. School was a very sheltered but years in university are an exciting phase of anyone’s life , we meet people from different walks of life who teaches us to learn and unlearn and flourish together as adults. I’m very happy with my decision for choosing Middlesex University as my vehicle for entry into the unexplored world which is just waiting to be conquered.

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