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  • Sports Ethics

    Sports Ethics

    Vince Lombardi, most likely the best coach to ever lead a team to victory or multiple ones on a football field. His ethics sometimes questionable, but never misunderstood, were always meant to lead and encourage his team to be nothing but the best, and the best was achieved in 1967. After nine incredible winning seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Lombardi decided to retire as head coach. The Packers had dominated professional football under his

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    Submitted: February 6, 2010 By: Vika
  • Sr.


    Alternative Dispute Resolution Edwin Olmeda Universtity of Phoenix BUS/415 Israel Camacho-Alicea June 15, 2005 Alternative Dispute Resolution is the most important aspect in the court's structure because it allows to resolve disputes before ever having to spend money or time. Having to use the court system to resolve disputes can take several years and cost a lot of money. Companies have taken into their system ADR because it can solve problems faster and cost less

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    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Bred
  • St. Augustine

    St. Augustine

    As we all know, renaissance was a time of great discoveries and explorations of the New Worlds. Before the great discoveries of Columbus and Magellan, our civilization knew only for European continent and very little beyond that. At that time, in the 14-th century, traveling was very difficult and dangerous. Most of the people could not read or write, and there were only a few maps that could actually help the travelers of that time.

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    Submitted: January 5, 2010 By: Kevin
  • St. Augustine of Hippo

    St. Augustine of Hippo

    The doctrine of the Divine Unity is a truth of natural religion; the doctrine of the Trinity is a truth of revealed religion. The various systems of natural theism present arguments for the Divine existence, unity, and attributes, but proceed no further. They do not assert and endeavor to demonstrate that the Supreme Being is three persons in one essence. It is because this doctrine is not discoverable by human reason, that the Christian church

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    Submitted: May 27, 2010 By: Victor
  • St. Augustine Political Philosophy

    St. Augustine Political Philosophy

    Saint Augustine was born is 354 in a North Africa province part of the Roman Empire. Growing up in the Roman Empire was a major influence on his work. He is well known for his theological teaching on Christianity and developed much of its doctrine. Augustine wrote on political philosophy as well and developed his own ideas on what the ideal state is. Augustine believes that government is an act of God and its function

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    Submitted: December 6, 2009 By: Victor
  • St. Thomas Aquinas

    St. Thomas Aquinas

    St. Thomas Aquinas' First Two Ways in Proving the Existence of God It is my view that God exists, and I think that Aquinas' first two ways presents a successful argument for the existence of God. No doubt, the arguments have weak points which are subjected to criticism but nonetheless, in my opinion, these propositions by Aquinas do indeed accomplish their purpose in establishing the existence of a Greatest Conceivable Being that is the unmoved

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    Submitted: February 5, 2010 By: Jessica
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Nietzche

    St. Thomas Aquinas, Nietzche

    One of St. Thomas Aquinas' arguments for the existence of God is the Teleological Argument. This argument is known as the "Argument from Design," as it attempts to prove God's existence through the belief that since there is evidence of design in the universe, there must have been a designer. Another point to further the argument is that brute nature cannot be a designer due to mechanistic materialism, which does not assume any plan or

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    Submitted: January 14, 2010 By: Mike
  • St.Augustine’s Confessions

    St.Augustine’s Confessions

    St. Augustine's Confessions In the Confessions, by Saint Augustine, Augustine addressed himself articulately and passionately to the persistent questions that stirred the minds and hearts of men since time began. The Confessions tells a story in the form of a long conversion with God. Through this conversion to Catholic Christianity, Augustine encounters many aspects of love. These forms of love help guide him towards an ultimate relationship with God. His restless heart finally finds peace

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    Submitted: May 11, 2010 By: Jon
  • St.Augustine’s Theroy ontime

    St.Augustine’s Theroy ontime

    Augustine on Time Book XI of the confessions deals with the nature of time. St. Augustine begins his inquiry of time by questioning its connection to God. Augustine seeks to answer the question: If God is eternal, how can he live exist in a time bound universe? Augustine solved this problem by stating that God does not exist in time. He argues that God created time when he created the world, and that only humans

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    Submitted: November 30, 2009 By: Yan
  • Star Sign Profiles

    Star Sign Profiles

    Star sign Profiles Cancer: You like to know what's going on in the lives of everyone in the galaxy. However, you tend not to know what's going on in your own. Cancerians only get dressed because they have to. Whether they know it or not, they are all born with an exceptional talent for cross-stitch. You will never excel in sports because you have to rest for fifteen minutes every time you breathe. But you

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    Submitted: June 9, 2010 By: Max
  • Static with Chaotic Notions

    Static with Chaotic Notions

    I felt small only just enough to enough to make my skin crawl, hanging onto insignifigant rock-like grains of sand to ward off the breeze. which one and who was i with when whatever happened on wednsday transpired? Waiting in the wings of a liar, and I remembered leaving before anyone could remember me. Parasitic in the purest possible pondering, as when recalling wanderings through winter parks as i was wondering... ...what was the goings

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    Submitted: February 9, 2010 By: Jon
  • Statistics Can Be Very Helpful in Providing a Powerful Interpretation of Reality but Also Can Be Used to Distort Our Understanding. Discuss Some of the Ways in Which Statistics Can Be Used or Misused in Different Areas of Knowledge to Assist and Mislead U

    Statistics Can Be Very Helpful in Providing a Powerful Interpretation of Reality but Also Can Be Used to Distort Our Understanding. Discuss Some of the Ways in Which Statistics Can Be Used or Misused in Different Areas of Knowledge to Assist and Mislead U

    "There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics." Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman (1804-1881) Statistics is the study of a set of numbers or measurements; including: the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of the data. It is applied in various Areas of Knowledge, mainly as a form of clarification or emphasis of an idea. For example, in my TOK presentation, I was trying to convey sympathetic emotions within the audience towards the African

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    Submitted: January 2, 2010 By: Steve
  • Stem Cell, Health Care Ethics Class

    Stem Cell, Health Care Ethics Class

    Stem cells are cells that can form into any type of cell, they are found in bone marrow, embryos, fetuses, and blood from the umbilical cord. Early in development, a human embryo is made up of a hollow ball of cells called a "blastocyst". Blastocyst cells divide and eventually develop into all of the tissues and organs of a human being, a process called "differentiation". Embryonic stem cells can be grown in the laboratory from

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    Submitted: December 27, 2009 By: July
  • Stepping into a New World

    Stepping into a New World

    Stepping into a New World Future of Modernization When we question the future of modernization and the world we must do so by first examining the past as well as the current state of the Western world. Presently electoral democracy, the rule of law and the belief in individual rights characterize the Western world. Western civilization has been successful in bringing us an increase of knowledge, wealth, health, population, institutions and ideas. In this paper

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    Submitted: December 27, 2009 By: Victor
  • Stereotypes


    It took me aback to stop and think about how common stereotypes are in this day in age. Without even the mere thought of doing so, stereotypes are placed on people daily, and have been for years. The four groups that were chosen to write this paper on were selected for a specific purpose. If you stop for a minute and think individually about politicians, tattooed persons, feminists and senior citizens, you will find that

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    Submitted: February 4, 2010 By: Tommy
  • Steroid Use in Baseball

    Steroid Use in Baseball

    The professional sports industry, since its arise in the late 19th century, has allowed athletes that performed exceptionally well and above average to take it a step further and get paid for what they love to do and let other people watch them excel at it. Many people, not just children, may choose to look at a particular sports figure or team and admire them for the qualities and achievements they have. Athletes today are

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    Submitted: January 19, 2010 By: David
  • Steroids


    Twenty years ago, when I was a competing professional athlete, I spoke publicly of the frustration of feeling pressured to use anabolic steroids. I felt pressured to compete in an environment where I and many others believed there was an unbridled problem. I mentioned the prevalence of use in adolescents and commented on the training advantage using these drugs gave competitors. At that time, NFL management denied the extent of the problem and little was

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    Submitted: November 28, 2009 By: Jessica
  • Strategia Organizatiei

    Strategia Organizatiei

    Majoritatea organizatiilor incearca sa elaboreze si sa implementeze strategii pentru atingerea obiectivelor pe termen lung. Prezentarea strategiei organizatiei, alaturi de misiunea si obiectivele sale reprezinta un plan startegic al organizatiei. In ceea ce priveste strategia,avand ca baza examinarea la circa 1500 de lucrari consacrate de strategiei, merita prezentate rezultatele cercetarilor lui Henry Mintzberg,unul dintre cei mai mari specialisti de management.Acesta e identificat 10 scoli de gandire manageriala in ceea ce priveste strategia..Acestea tipuri de gandire

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    Submitted: May 8, 2011 By: aurast
  • Student Ethics

    Student Ethics

    During my stay in IIT, I have witnessed many ethically objectionable acts by students. The acts are innumerable and I may take liberty to mention a few of them. Students from well to do families manage to get the Merit Cum Means scholarship without feeling that there is anything wrong about their action (what more, they always seem to have valid arguments to justify it), some find it "shrewd" to get away from Nescafe without

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    Submitted: November 29, 2009 By: July
  • Subjection of Women

    Subjection of Women

    proach to understanding the properties of persons (their traits, desires, abilities, interests) which is not only very popular and historically important, but also intuitively plausible. It begins with a division of human properties into three categories. Natural properties are those persons have in virtue of being members of a natural kind, and they originate in the structures definitive of the species. Other properties are unnatural, in that they result from abnormal structures. And some properties

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    Submitted: January 26, 2010 By: Jack
  • Substance Dualism and Its Arguments

    Substance Dualism and Its Arguments

    Among other things, Renee Descartes was an influential philosopher during the enlightenment era. This era, which is characterized by what, at the time, was controversial thinking is exactly what Descartes was known for. His "out of the box" thinking not only raised eyebrows, but it also brought a lot to the table. One of his most discussed ideas was that of substance dualism. In this theory, Descartes describes the mind an body as two separate

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    Submitted: March 26, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Success


    Once upon a time, there was a large mountainside, where an eagle's nest rested. The eagle's nest contained four large eagle eggs. One day an earthquake rocked the mountain causing one of the eggs to roll down the mountain, to a chicken farm, located in the valley below. The chickens knew that they must protect and care for the eagle's egg, so an old hen volunteered to nurture and raise the large egg. One day,

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    Submitted: May 2, 2010 By: Wendy
  • Suffering in Buddhism

    Suffering in Buddhism

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines suffering as: 1) the endurance of death, pain, or distress, 2) the sustaining of loss or death, and 3) the subjection to disability or handicap. This Americanized explanation not far from the Buddhist definition of duhkha – or suffering. Suffering itself is not a hard concept to grasp because everybody has experienced it at one point or another, but the real questions are, “What causes all this suffering,” and “How do

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    Submitted: April 16, 2010 By: Yan
  • Suicide


    Teen Suicide According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry teen suicides have become a serious issue in today's teens. AACAP says that the third cause of death for individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 and the sixth for individuals between the ages of 5 to 14 is suicide. A study given by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that suicide attempts were most prevalent for white (5.6 percent) and Hispanic

    Essay Length: 1,273 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: May 25, 2010 By: Mike
  • Suicide and Euthanasia

    Suicide and Euthanasia

    20441951 PHIL 220 ASSIGNMENT 1 21st January 2015 Words: 1015 Suicide and euthanasia are two moral issues that have been the source of debate for many years. People have varying opinions on this topic and have different outlooks on its outcomes and effects. Some argue for the sanctity of a human life and perceive suicide as an evil that exists in society. Others, have a much more objective vantage point, recognizing those lives worth saving

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    Submitted: February 20, 2016 By: salmana123
  • Summary and Application of Fallacies

    Summary and Application of Fallacies

    Summary and Application of Fallacies The use of critical thinking requires one to understand how to comprehend an argument. Part of this comprehension includes the ability to recognize a logical fallacy in an argument. The understanding of logical fallacies will help one become a better critical thinker by enabling them to break apart an argument from an opponent and debate the argument by pointing out the flaws. In this paper I will be discussing the

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    Submitted: April 22, 2010 By: Top
  • Summary of Plato’s Euthyphro

    Summary of Plato’s Euthyphro

    Summary of Plato's Euthyphro Socrates encounters Euthyphro outside the court of King-Archon in Athens and is asked why he is there. Socrates proceeds to tell Euthyphro that he has been called to court on charges of impiety by Meletus. Euthyphro asks Socrates how Meletus came to his accusation. Socrates tell Euthyphro that Meletus accuses him of corrupting the youth of Athens by being a maker of gods and that he invents new gods while denying

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    Submitted: December 14, 2009 By: Fonta
  • Summary of the Dialogue of Theaetetus

    Summary of the Dialogue of Theaetetus

    Summary of the Dialogue At the gates of the city of Megara in 369 BC, Eucleides and Terpsion hear a slave read out Eucleides' memoir of a philosophical discussion that took place in 399 BC, shortly before Socrates' trial and execution (142a-143c). In this, the young Theaetetus is introduced to Socrates by his mathematics tutor, Theodorus. Socrates questions Theaetetus about the nature of expertise, and this leads him to pose the key question of the

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    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Mike
  • Superiority of Life: Plato’s Just: Individual

    Superiority of Life: Plato’s Just: Individual

    I. Introduction: Superiority of Just Life Under the auspices of Plato it is meticulously established that leading the just, good and happiest life entails living the harmoniously balanced life, which satisfies in proper order the needs of three distinct and integral fragments of the self, as he affirms that a person does not possess a simple essence or form, but is constituted by several elements that comply with their various natural capacities or functions. Within

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: regina
  • Supersize Me - Conceptual Analysis

    Supersize Me - Conceptual Analysis

    Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me explores the concept of obesity-by-fast-food among Americans. He also argues that it is the responsibility of the consumers to resist the addictive, available fast food we are trained as children to love. There are a few definitions to consider. In the film, fast food is considered any food that is ordered at a counter and served within minutes of the order. There are commonly accepted examples of fast food: Wendy,

    Essay Length: 1,190 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: May 15, 2010 By: Andrew
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