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Chat Rooms

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After looking into the different sites I have learned a lot about chat rooms. They are not just a place to hook up or catch up, but a place to fit in. Blogs can really send a message that someone cannot say on there own. After visiting different chat rooms I have seen that a whole different side to them.

I use to think chat rooms were just a place to talk sexual to people. I really started to think about my bias and got a different perspective. Many chat rooms have different rooms for different kind of people. There are gay, lesbian, bi, and many other types of rooms. I have now realized that this is a community for them. People need someone to turn to that understand them. People that are different do not have many others to communicate with and these chat rooms allow them to do that.

Then there are the blogs, and I really never was introduced to these until I started a my space. A lot of people have blogs on their websites and it is a way for communicating to those who visit their websites. A blog can tell others about you and show a different side. A friend of mine has a blog that talks about here not being a perfect girl, but it says/shows it in a very unique way. It says, “My hair isn’t always perfect, you can’t always see me in makeup…”

I communicate in many different ways. Ever since I moved to the cities I have had to learn many other ways to communicate with my friends and family. For my family it is really a telephone connection. I talk to my mom at least three times a day. The phone is really our only way to communicate now. I have always been close to my family and they are no longer a block away. I call my family all the time to catch up and find out what is new in their lives and fill them in on mine.

I also talk to a lot of my friends on the phone, but there are also a lot of other ways I communicate

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