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Descriptive Essay of Tower Room

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Essay title: Descriptive Essay of Tower Room

There might not be a more soothing room to relax and think in than the fourth floor tower room in Blount hall. The walls are painted with a calm shade of yellow and the floors covered in soft brown and tan carpet. The lights are never too bright, but they are also never too dim. It is similar to when the sun sets and light shines through an evening cloud. This is created by a three piece hanging light, dangling on a twenty foot pole, reaching all the way to the tower ceiling. The quaint furniture in the tower room includes small crimson couches that can put a person to sleep by just spending a few moments on them, round wooden tables that can be used for homework, and end tables that have a vintage, homemade look to them.

The room itself, shaped like a tower that one would assume came off of a castle, is a marvel site. It is accentuated with two large sets of windows, each with six smaller windows, and a top that is shaped like a king’s crown. Each window is so large it almost takes up the entire wall. The windows are on adjacent walls, creating a feeling as if one was in medieval times, in a Camelot tower.

The view out of these windows

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