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Customs Fading Today

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Most wouldn’t dare revolt against their personal beliefs and feel they are very important to follow. But custom is a fading piece of some people’s lives and others cling to tradition above everything else. Throughout our history, the young have been pressured by the wise and they continue to accept traditions and customs. Religion and even marriage changes over time. The older part of our society fears change because they fear what is not thoroughly understood, therefore keeping our heritage in some measure in one piece.

Marriage is as a custom has long been a fruit of society but being truthful to ones spouse is apparent and also disregarded concept by marriage partners today. The divorce rate has increased to about half the population of married couples and is threatening the family aspect of our lives. Couples rush into children and marriage too quickly and come out regretting they ever knew one another. Judaism keeps the old rule that a Jewish person must be wed with people of their own faith. This makes their faith live and breed with like faith’s in order to allow the groom and bride a common base among them. The older Jewish population has carried down this custom for as long as they can remember, but now the Jewish patrons are rebelling against this long supported custom because they have now developed and demand to marry into different faiths to seek new and different people.

The majority of the adolescent today are more prone to throw away their money on materialistic items. This was not so during the centuries before. The people of the 20th century were forced into a harsh “depression” over the general population. This helped to keep families

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