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Argumenative Essay Video Games Promote Worldliness

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Essay title: Argumenative Essay Video Games Promote Worldliness

Can a person imagine themselves on their favorite sports team and making them win the championship? Well, video games are created to give a person that kind of experience and fun. Although video games are well known for fun, if other Christians are not careful, video games can promote worldliness into a new of carnal minded Christian’s life.

Video games were first created to give people some entertainment and help people learn. Early in the history of video games, a video arcade was created to give people some sort of entertainment that would cost a quarter to play. Later in history, game creators decided to make a game counsel system so people can just pay a set price for their game system or game and play it whenever they wanted to start playing. Also in history, early games began to help little children ages five and up learn how to read and count with fun while playing the game.

Although video games were fun and a little educational in the past, the modern age of the world eventually made video game creators to start input worldly situations and thoughts on the game which entered into the mind of its players. First of all, the game creators were generally putting ungodly actions and images in their games such as drinking alcohol, smoking, cursing, and stealing; but this list goes on. Another thing that modern video game creator started to input, is different false religions into their games. The modern game had started with the well known false religions, but then started to make up different types of religions and gods into their games. So anyone can see that 85% of video games can give a Christian some ungodly ideas.

However, there are many different ways that a Christian can prevent

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