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Argumentive Essay: Muslims in the Netherlands'

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Essay title: Argumentive Essay: Muslims in the Netherlands'

“If you can't accept Dutch values, don't come here” say’s the officials of Holland. In the eyes of those that live in such a multi-cultural continent such as here in North America, this can seem quite appalling, since our nation is quaintly built on ideology’s and views of many different heritages and ethicises. But this is completely normal for a nation that wants to preserve their heritage and their own ideals and not allow another ethnic identity to superimpose themselves into their culture. I share the same view as them, simply just not wanting any complications.

Firstly, these new-implemented values are appealing to Muslims and not people of Arab or Semite descent. The Netherlands is simply doing this in defence of their culture, not to be discriminatory. The Muslims that you see bashing the European government and their ideals are not true Muslims, but only Muslim supremacists trying to spread the word of Islam forcefully. I look at it as a grand scheme of things for them only to spread country to country in Europe to expand their teachings from land to land. While here in North America practicing Muslims take advantage of the freedom of religion and preach it properly and leave people who do not care for Islam in peace.

Secondly, most of these immigrants come expecting not to partially assimilate or even learn the local language. It seems their only entering for the benefit of themselves. Bringing in their old values with actions such as not finding a local significant other but to only bring one from their old country by means of an arranged marriage. Most seem not even being able to live hand in hand with Dutch locals. In the Netherlands issues and conflicts ranging from homosexuality to nudity are practically the norm. In Islam these are quite taboo. It was thought that if you were to leave the two cultures alone, they would be able to work hand in hand, but not in the case of the suburbs filled with Turk’s and Moroccans. They went as far as to assassinate the gay politician Pim Fortuyn who was warning the masses of their unassimilated kind to killing of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Some would even go as far to harass

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