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Business Research Paper

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Essay title: Business Research Paper

Research in business

“For a long time, research companies have offered efficient collection of data, as well as timely and accurate reporting as their primary value propositions to clients. However, clients no longer view operational excellence as a value proposition, but rather as a basic expectation.

Rick Garlick, Maritz Research

learning objectives

After reading this chapter, you should understand…

1. What business research is and how it differs from decision support systems and business intelligence systems.

2. The trends affecting business research and the emerging hierarchy of research-based decision makers.

3. The value of learning business research process skills.

4. The different categories of firms and their functions in the industry.

5. The distinction between good business research and research that falls short of professional quality.

bringing research to life

Myra Wines, director of consumer affairs for MindWriter, Inc., has been charged with the task of assessing MindWriter's CompleteCare program for servicing laptops. As a result, she sent several well-respected research firms a request for proposal (RFP), and she and her team are interviewing the last of those firms, Henry & Associates.

Newly promoted to her position, Wines has a TV journalism and government public relations background. She has been a MindWriter laptop owner since it came on the market decades earlier and has never personally experienced a problem. She wants a research supplier from whom she can learn, as well as one whom she can trust to do appropriate, high-quality research.

The last interviewee is Jason Henry, managing partners, Henry & Associates. H&A comes highly recommended by a professional colleague in a different industry. H&A has gained a reputation for merging traditional methodologies with some creative new approaches. Myra is interested in exploring the firm's methodology for customer satisfaction studies. As Wines approaches Henry in the waiting area, she extends her hand. “Welcome to MindWriter, Jason. I'm Myra Wines.”

Henry rises, clasping Wines's hand in a firm hand shake. “Pleased to meet you, Myra.”

Myra directs Jason's attention to a long corridor. “My team members are gathered in our conference room just down this hall. Let's join them, shall we?”

The interview process starts with Henry's short presentation on H&A and its capabilities. As the interview progresses, Henry shares some impressive results accomplished for former clients in noncompetitive industries. The last slide in his presentation features a top industry award H&A recently won for its customer satisfaction methodology.

During the Q&A that follows, Henry demonstrates current knowledge of the computer industry (he's obviously read numerous articles), confidence, and expertise, at a level that Wines initially had not expected given his relatively youthful appearance. At the conclusion of the interview, Wines is leaning toward hiring Henry & Associates, but wants to confer with her team.

The next day, Myra calls Jason at his office. “We've chosen Henry & Associates for the MindWriter CompleteCare assessment contract. Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” accepts Jason. “You've made the right choice.”

“I've got two seats on a flight to Austin next Wednesday,” shares Myra. “Can you join me? This will be my first look at the CompleteCare facility and my first face-to-face contact with its manager. I'd like someone along who can lay the groundwork for the project and understand the number crunching that's already been done.”

The phone goes silent as Jason pauses to consult his PDA. Two internal meetings will need to be shifted, but MindWriter is an important new client. “Yes, I can work that in as long as we're back by 7 p.m. I've got an evening commitment.”

“Shouldn't be a problem,” shares Myra. “Those seats I mentioned are on the corporate jet. We'll be back by 5:30. I'll meet you in the lobby at the county airstrip at 8 a.m. Wednesday then.”

“A quick question,” interrupts Jason before Myra can disconnect. “I need some idea of what's happening at this meeting.”

“The meeting is to get you started. I'll introduce you to other people you will be working with and share more details about the concerns

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