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Cafй Business Plan

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Essay title: Cafй Business Plan

Cafй Business Plan

Company Description

Cafй, a San Antonio, TX based organization, will operate a single, small to medium size cafй and deli serving tea, coffee, baked goods, subs, sandwiches and salads. The cafй will be located in the heart of downtown San Antonio area.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach beyond our basic financial goals and become the first choice for morning coffee and afternoon lunch, delivering complete customer satisfaction by providing outstanding quality and magnificent service at a reasonable cost through superb customer service and mutual respect to management, staff, customers and vendors.

Development and Status

The cafй was purchased in January of 2005 and elected as LLC. Each owner has dedicated their time and $20,000 of there own money towards the establishment for operations and purchasing of the building. The cafй also has a silent partner that has invested an additional $20,000 for research and start-up costs.

The ideal location for the cafй was found mid- January, negotiations for the purchase have been completed and papers have been signed. The location on Dolorosa Street, just blocks from the courthouse and close to the target market. Prior to the grand opening, to be held in February, fierce marketing and decorating of Cafe will begin.

Industry Analysis

Although the market for this type of venue is rather competitive, the lifestyle of our targeted market will provide us with a steady growth. Full-time professionals have less time to cook for themselves and today’s trends are very important and Cafe will provide the current interests of teas, coffee, and healthy foods a moderate to low costs to our customers.

According to national reports 20% of a family’s income are spent on meals away from home and the number is steadily increasing due to lifestyle change, economic climate and increase of product variety.

Because of this increase of the desire to east way from home and lack of time, more restaurants are needed to keep up demand.

Future Opportunities

Because people will be more compelled to eat way from home, growth of the cafй will be positive both short and long term. The National Restaurant Association released the foodservice report that forecasted how the industry might look in a few years. Some highlights are:

• “Consumers will spend a greater portion of their food dollar away from home,

• Independent operators and entrepreneurs will be the main source of new restaurant concepts,

• And nutritional

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