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Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Systems

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Essay title: Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Systems and Others:

Challenges of customer relationship management systems

Chapter 7, Case 1.

Worked by: Samet Haziri


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information.

1. Why have traditional CRM software implementations been so problematic for many businesses?

The traditional CMR software they are having problem with the installation because they can cost a hundreds of thousand dollars to install and take months to get up and run. The sales company has to send consultants to get the systems up and run.

2. What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Salesforce Web-Based CMR services approach?

The benefits of Web-based CMR services are that they are cheaper than traditional systems; there are associated hardware or IT labor cost. Costumers access software over the Web and pay by number of users. When a new version comes out , everyone gets upgraded at the same time, for the same price as before.

3. Wich approach do you prefer? Why? Visit the websites of and Siebel Systems for more information and customer examples of their CMR systems.

Well as we sad early the traditional CMR systems are to expensive and to complicated to use we prefer the Web-based CMR systems. They cost less, you can run them whenever you like for everywhere you are.


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