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Computer Security

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Essay title: Computer Security

Intruders are all around us waiting to take information from your computer system. Value information is store on your computer, credit card numbers, bank account information, and telephone numbers. Intruders have the knowledge where they can break in and attack your internet connection. Computers are target so that the intruders can tap into the internet by dial-in connection, and high speed connections. It is not only money related information that they are after but your computer resources. Information can be crack from the hard disk space and fast processor of the computer. With the access of your hard ware space, and fast processor, intruders can attack other computers for valve information and the law are unable to track, stop or even able to prosecute these criminals.

Ant-virus programs are design to protect against viruses and worms so intruders are not as successful when attacking your computer. Anti-virus programs virus signature to look at the content of the computer files for protection. Some anti-virus programs will react to the virus by destroying a certain file or you might be able to clean the file from the infected virus. Viruses that and infect through floppy disk. CD-ROM emails with or without attachments, web sites, and when you download files. Anti-virus program will check updates automatically by running or opening up your file to be check. Some anti-virus programs have a feature that can go beyond the virus signature with heuristic tests.

Firewall hardware or programs allow you to define which connection between your computer and other computer on the internet are allow or denied. Fire wall acts like a guard when it looks at the network traffic it is destined for or received information from another computer. The firewall check whether a given packet should pass, where the packet cam from and where it is going, all of this information is recorded on the firewall. Firewalls can also recognize, filtered the contents with a computer to computer connection ends. Firewall allows you to set up connection with certain web sites that you want to be let in to your computer system. Strong passwords are use to protect your firewall from intruders.

Use strong passwords on your computer and also for services that you use with the internet. Passwords should be unique, 6 to 18 combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, number and punctuation. Update your password every ninety days will help fight against intruders.

Use care when downloading and installing programs. Anyone that who can write a program can also distribute it by the means of the web or through the mail. So use caution when buying or using other people programs. Learn as much about the CD-ROM buy your programs from a local store or a national chain. Anti-virus programs help fight against a virus, but there is a lag in remembering from the computer

Encryption is another way to protect your files, e-mail against intruders. Encryption by itself can not protect all the information on the computer. Standards and cryptographic and hardware are also use to protect encryption. You must be sure not to save your password on the computer, especially a laptop, because a person can hack into your system and fine all of the information. And it

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