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Essay title: Computer

Jose Diaz Computer Class I thought this project was very interesting and I learned many things from this project and I hope others can learn as well. I worked very hard on my flash animation project and I found a lot of interesting features. I thought one of the most interesting one was morphing. I thought it was very interesting how you can change the looks of one thing to another. The design cycle helped me plan my project and made it so that I can finish it on time which I thought helped me a lot. I have learned many things about flash and other programs. When I was using flash I used other programs to get my project the best it can be. One program I used that was good was Adobe Photoshop to edit my pictures to make them look very professional. I also used Free Mind to brainstorm ideas about my project so that I knew what I was doing. If I had to do this project again I would try to add more affects to make my project more interesting.

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