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Create a System That Simply Works!

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Essay title: Create a System That Simply Works!

interest of reading this pocket book starts from the interesting book nameЎXE-Myth. What is it? Is that only for the people who already owned their business? How can I apply them into my work and improve my working performance in a big multinational company? Is that really relevant to me at my current stage since I am still working for someone else and do not have any business of myself? Those are the actual questions and doubts that I have secretly asked to myself before reading the book. However, having read through it, I found that the E-Myth is no limitation on the entrepreneurs and can perfectly work for me as a guidebook for every success of both my career and personal life. For me, E-Myth is really about lots of inspiring ideas that fundamentally change my way of thinking and working. Those ideas in reality make me to come to realize that the critical distinction of success and failure is, in fact, lying on the secret of working ON my business rather than working IN it. Those ideas push me to start to think about the roles that I should play in my company and the issue of balancing role-play among technician, manager and entrepreneur. Those ideas show me how commonplace assumptions can get in the way of successfully running a business and those ideas serves me as a guiding light to the success of every key steps in the life of a businessЎXfrom infancy, adolescence to maturity. Those ideas also introduce to me the new way of thinking for business development process and demonstrate me how a good foolproof operating system and process can really free myself from my heavy daily workload but still better meet my customersЎ¦ needs and expectations. Last but definitely not the least, those ideas inspire me to start to use the innovate-quantify-orchestrate approach to study how I can improve my own work by making such changes with the discipline it needs to succeed!

Frankly, it is really my first time in my life to realize the existence of the three personalities and the significant difference and importance of the three roles that people played in our business arena. Before reading the book, I only know the three roles by job title and clearly I put myself as good Manager as my current position and seniority in my company suggested. However, now, I know that to be an effective businessman, I need to possess all the three personalities and well balance the three.

I am now working in Nokia China headquarter for brand management communication, product marketing campaigns and arrangement. Having worked in marketing area for the past five years, I thought I almost know every details and tricks of the work. I clearly know how to effectively deliver the brand message to the mass market and how to present brand and support product sales by analyzing sales data, obtaining consumer insight and executing good creative through effective media channels. Although the marketing budget I am now managing is huge and the power of decision making is admiring, I come to realize now, after reading the book, that I am still doing too much technician job now, which might be one of the key reasons of my heavy workload and difficulties of making progress.

Like Sarah in the book, I am an excellent technician. Just one month ago, I have the same assumption, deep in my heart that since I understand the technical work of mobile phone marketing, I understand the mobile phone business that require lots of applications of marketing knowledge. Just done a little bit re-thinking and calculating

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