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Critical Thinking and Language

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Essay title: Critical Thinking and Language

Critical Thinking and

Language Essay

Sidney Jones

PHL 251

Carla Burruss

December 13, 2004

Critical Thinking and

Language Essay

There is often a little too much thought put into technology. What I mean is that most technology is not difficult, as most people think; it just needs to be understood. For example, there is Satellite television. I install Satellite television systems for a living. From an outside standpoint some people might believe that this is a difficult thing to comprehend. There are satellites that constantly orbit the earth. The satellite is a diamond perfectly reflecting the image shot upon it. These images, of digital quality, are transmitted from different locations, depending on what is being transmitted. Dish Network offers a variety of different nationality television. I believe they offer about twenty. Their plate of programming is abundant with the different flavors of a Thanksgiving feast.

Another provider I work with is DirecTV. I personally favor Dish Network, but I work for both. DirecTV has about the same programming as Dish Network, just less Nationalities. What DirecTV has that Dish Network does not, is the NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket viewers are the regular patrons visiting BW3's every Sunday. You can basically watch every NFL game being broadcasted, no matter what your location is in the country. Besides the NFL Sunday ticket, I believe that DirecTV is second rate. DirecTV is the spilled beer on the bar floor.

The thing that remains the same between the two is the installation of the satellite dish. Although the size of the dish may vary, the installation stays pretty common. You must first start with a level and square mast to mount the dish to. Upon mounting the dish, you must track down the satellite. The satellite is a Gazelle running in the wild, getting tracked by a tiger. I simply use a Sat Meter to determine where to point the dish. I then have to run cable to the Televisions. I then connect an IRD. An IRD is simply the satellite receiver. These receivers are the scientists of technology, decoding the noise transmitted to them. This is basically how you would get Satellite TV. Of course there are a couple technical things I can not disclose, or I might have to kill everyone that read this paper.

Let's shift gears, and talk about Critical thinking and Language. First of all, Language is the road that our words ride upon every day. We have to be understood to get our point across. Language can be the bridge or the absence of the bridge

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