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Critical Thinking and Language

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Essay title: Critical Thinking and Language

Critical Thinking and Language

A standard definition of metaphor is simply "an implied comparison between two things." (Kirby, Goodpaster, 1999, p.5). In this essay, I have used a few metaphors to describe an accident that occur to me 11 years ago.

An incident that I would never forget was my very first interview for an office position at my current company. There were several things did not go well for me that day. Firstly, mother natures did not cooperate with me. It rained all day and was pouring cats and dogs. Secondly, my car died on me that morning. I was having trouble with starting my car. It turned out my car's battery was dead. Luckily, I live in areas where the buses run often; nonetheless, I had to walk two blocks from my house to the bus stop. I had to leave the house early so that I would not be late for my interview.

Finally, I arrived at company a little early; however, I was told by the receptionist that I might have to wait a bit longer because my first interviewer was tied up with another interviewee. Since I had never been to an interview before, I was nervous. I got butterflies in my stomach while I was waiting at the reception area. I was finally call-in for the interview. I spent almost half a day being interviewed. Although it went well; nevertheless, I was not ready to get back out in the rain again. The rain got worse that afternoon. It was pouring heavily and windy. Even though I had an umbrella, it was still made it difficult for me to walk the two blocks home. I fought the rain the whole way home. By the time I got to my house, I was soaked and dead tired. It was a wet and interesting day. Two days later, I received a call from my ex- boss offering me a job at the company. I accepted the offer and was walking on air.

What role does language and language diversity play in the critical thinking process?

The role of language, whether in written or spoken plays an integral part in our critical thinking process because without language, we would not be able to make sense of our thoughts. Language helps us to express ourselves and communicate our message across to whomever we wish to speak or question. Language is the "software' that allows our brain to think the way it does; without language the cerebral cortex lies largely unused. (Kirby, Goodpaster, 1999, p.2) In addition, language diversity plays an important role in the critical thinking process because our mind understands a message in the native language but if the answer is to be given in a second language then the mind has to think twice. Equally, if there is a diversity of the language then the critical thinking process takes more time because no matter what happen the mind thinks in the native language, and due to the diversities, it tends to confuse our mind.

How does language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts?

Language can empower our thoughts by permitting us to express our emotions and meaning by methods of verbal or written communication. Language empowers our thoughts because it allows

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