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Descriptive Essay

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Essay title: Descriptive Essay

It was an autumn evening. A girl was staring blankly out the window in her night gown. Her astounding eyes sparkled with sadness. Although nothing couldn’t be concluded from her complex and expressionless face, her baggy eyes told the stories of many sleepless nights. Her gaze shifted here and there, stopping at each spot only for a few seconds. It was as if she were searching for something, anything to distract her mind from the terrible ache in her heart.

She had a deep-set of blue eyes that were like two chunks of lapis lazuli. Looking into her eyes was like looking down into the ocean, full of marvels and wonders that leave the curious looker completely breathless. Her body was so frail and feeble that even a tiny breeze would’ve been able to lift her off her feet. With her mesmerizing pale skin she looked like a ghostly girl behind the window if someone on the sidewalk were to catch a glimpse of her. Her dark silky hair that was hanging down on her bony shoulder reflected the dim light from a table lamp that sat ever so quietly in her presence. She just stood there, twirling her hair with her stick-like finger. Then she began to slowly slip away from reality once again.

It was her second week in her new home but it was more than she could bear for it felt like an eternity to her. The house felt more like a horrible prison than a home. Ever since her parents died in a plane crash, her cheerful spirit vanished into an endless abyss of despair. She used to be one of those people who could talk non-stop but now nodding or shaking her head was the regular response that could be expected of her. She had locked away all her emotions inside her heart and feared that she might let them slip if she talked. She did things she’s supposed to do and did not ask questions, that way she could avoid the unnecessary conversations for she knew of the serious consequences that awaited her if she were to open her mouth.

Vivid images rushed through her mind like a stampede. She felt more adrenaline with more and more

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