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E-Commerce Security Issues

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Essay title: E-Commerce Security Issues


As we all know, the Internet has changed drastically and has affected the entire world in numerous ways. Using the Internet as part of our everyday lives has become habitual and even a necessity. Sometimes we do not even think about what information we reveal about oneself on the Internet. Since the Internet is not regulated, it produces a large range of consequences and threats to the systems operating on it. Many of us use it to buy and sell goods and services over the World Wide Web. We order a piece of clothing or even buy and sell stocks. This is known as e-commerce and typically requires a payment processing system. Many applications of e-commerce are influencing trends and expectations for business over the Internet, including tailing, banking, online retailing, and online publishing. It has definitely exploded in the last ten years. It does have its advantages in that it presents open and simple communications on a universal basis. Making use of networks for on-line purchases and various transactions forms just a fraction of the development in global electronic commerce (e-commerce), which is truly an extensive use of information technologies by government and business. However, the public does remain cautious about security, privacy, and access costs. Therefore, the topics on this paper consist of business and consumer security issues.

Consumer credence:

Consumers have accepted the e-commerce business model less readily than its proponents originally expected. Even in product categories suitable for e-commerce, electronic shopping has developed only slowly. Several reasons might account for the slow uptake, including:

· Concerns

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