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Elevator Speech

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Essay title: Elevator Speech

Learning at University of Phoenix online is similar to a regular college in many ways. There's an instructors, homework, assigned reading material, class mates, and class discussion. The difference is that my class room is an online forum. This is where my instructor, classmates and I log in to communicate with one another. We receive our instructor's assignments and topics for discussion in forum topics. Then the students complete the work or discuss the topic giving feedback to one another. For our discussion topics we use what's called a threaded discussion. The instructor posts the discussion question and we respond. Each response is placed in an tree format branching off from the original question. Most of us are on at different times though, so it's not like a telephone conversation. This form of conversation is called asynchronous communication, we're all in the conversations, just at different times. If i ever do need to talk to my instructor outside of the forums, I have their email address and in most cases their direct cell phone number. Each class has a course calender and syllabus that help keep you on track so you don't forget what is due and when. All the necessary course material is available online. There is almost no need for the purchase of books. You even

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