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Elevator Speech

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Essay title: Elevator Speech

The other day I went to the hospital to visit my mother in law. When I entered the elevator I ran into my step son. He asked me what I had been up to and I answered "I am going to Axia College." He then asked if that was one of the fake online schools. I explained to him that yes, it is distance learning but it is not fake. His response was "oh really? Tell me about it" I told him I go online and enter a classroom along with other students. We aren't all online at the same time because it is an asynchronous communication. He asked me what that meant and I said " It means we are all in class at different times." I went on to tell him the classroom is called a forum and it has several folders in it where answers are posted to questions , and we discuss each others answers. "Each folder has threaded discussions," I said "that means we have discussions and build on each others responses." "So how do you know how you are doing?" he asked. I told him that the instructor gives us feedback on each discussion question and assignment we do. I could see he was really thinking

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