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Elevator Speech

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Essay title: Elevator Speech

Distance Learning is about learning in an asynchronous manner as a posed to synchronous. You can access the online classes anytime and anywhere. Distance Learning allows you to "chat" with classmates and instructors through threaded discussion and forums. All assignments are due by midnight and the instructor provides feedback for the assignments assigned.

The advantages of Distance Learning are taking classes online. However, along with the advantages come the disadvantages. Classrooms require books, binders, pens, transportation, and the actual expense of rent. Distance learning may one-day rule out all of these expenses. Books may be available online, notes very easily could be taken using any word processor, and rent is eliminated as both students and professors could logon from the convenience of their own homes. The attendance and participation requirements are unbelievable. Expected attendance requires at least one message to one of the course forums on two separate days. Participation requirements are two substantive notes on three out of seven days. That sound better then long, scheduled classes!

The greatest advantage of Distance Learning is its ability to reach many users' that would otherwise have no way of taking classes. A grandmother may be too embarrassed to go to the local community college and sit amongst 18-year-olds fresh out of high school. Distance Learning eliminates the need to feel judged by classmates. This may also help students who have physical or mental disabilities and

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