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Essay About Th Johari Windows

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Essay title: Essay About Th Johari Windows

To achieve deep listening, the listener must take on certain responsibilities to help the talker and to ensure that there is agreement about the interpretation and intent of a message. Specifically, the listener must focus on the talker and pay close attention to what is being said. Strive to understand the meaning of the message and respond accordingly. Keep in mind that the response lets the talker know whether or not the message is getting through and allows him or her to adjust the message accordingly. Listener Responsibilities Determine the talker's needs during the interaction. At the beginning of a conversation, the talker may be tentative and not say what he or she means. Whether he or she continues often depends on the listener's initial response. Stay neutral and try to listen objectively. Direct, clear communication rarely occurs when information flows one way. Listening blocks are obstacles that interfere with our listening they prevent the listener from successfully receiving or interpreting a message. These blocks can be verbal or nonverbal barriers to effective listening. The most common listening blocks are the listener tunes out or is not paying attention to the talker. The listener is bored or just not interested in the talker or the subject. The listener is thinking about other things and is detached. Sometimes a listener focuses primarily on the facts, ignoring the emotional elements of a message. The listener becomes emotionally detached from the talker. The listener is concerned with content only and not the feelings behind it. The listener is only half listening and not really interacting with the talker. Missing the underlying meaning of the message. It's easy to fall into the rehearsal trap. The listener is concentrating on what to say or do next and is failing to focus on the talkers message. A judgmental listener quickly analyzes and interprets a talker s delivery or message, not allowing the talker to finish making a point. Often is quick to advise and criticize. Makes assumptions before fully comprehending what the talker is saying. When a control block is in place, very little listening is going on. The listener is not allowing the talker to speak at his or her own pace and is constantly interrupting with comments or questions. Preventing the talker from finishing a point when a listener blocks the communication, the talker can experience some less than positive feelings. This happens because instead of listening

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