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Expected Values of Students at the University of Phoenix

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Essay title: Expected Values of Students at the University of Phoenix

Expected Values of Students at the University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is one of the pioneering education institutions that recognized the need for flexible adult learning. Because of this need, the University of Phoenix started offering an online solution. With this, any graduate level endeavor would require its students to adhere to and maintain certain common values and ethical standards. Even though a virtual classroom does not have the same physical restrictions, it does inherently present a few unique challenges.

The Program Handbook for the Masters of Information Systems (MIS) degree addresses most, if not all, of these challenges. Through this documentation, the policies of the University of Phoenix define not only the expectations and expected values of the student attending the institution, but also the consequences and the process that will occur if these expectations are violated. Some of these expected values are common among all students whether they are attending in a traditional classroom or in an online course.

For the purposes of this paper, a traditional method of education will be defined as a student physically attending an actual class. The non-traditional method will be defined as a student attending a virtual class. This COM/526 Managerial Communication course teaches its students using the non-traditional method.


Values and ethics are an integral part of any community. An educational community is no exception. At the University of Phoenix, the expected values of students attending classes are documented within the Program Handbook for each discipline. Much of the MIS requirements are references to different sections within the student catalog. The student catalog defines common expectations for those students attending traditional classrooms as well as those students taking advantage of the online method of learning. In the mission statement of the University, students are reminded of them importance that this institution places upon the values of fair-mindedness, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the ability for all students to receive a quality education.

By virtue of membership in the University's academic community, students

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