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Values and University

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Essay title: Values and University

Values and University

Those who have the opportunity to attend a Canadian university are extremely fortunate for many different reasons. Not only are they educated in important subject matter, university helps students develop valuable core principles as well. Although there are many, we will be focusing on three main values throughout this essay; time management, self-discipline and respect. Through the discussion of these values, we will see how universities help to communicate and reinforce them.

Time is something that is very valuable to a student. Failing to properly manage your time properly can have serious impacts; and one may find it very difficult to catch up after falling behind. Unlike high school, professors are very strict with deadlines and penalization for late submissions. To qualify from exemption of this penalization one must present a medical form. This is a far cry from high school, where sometimes teachers could be persuaded not to deduct any marks. Being on time for lecture is another way universities aid in time management skills. Not being punctual results in missing some of the teachings, and thus your notes will be incomplete come exams. However, it is very hard to develop time management skills without self-discipline.

Self-discipline is very important when it comes to achieving a university education in Canada. During post-secondary schooling, no one checks that you have done the readings, you are not forced to attend class and the professors do not make sure that you are completing assignments. University is very much about being independent and gaining the self-discipline needed to excel and succeed. Most students are also living alone for the first time while attending university. With parents no longer around to make sure their children are doing their schoolwork, plus many other new responsibilities, self-discipline must be acquired

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