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Explain Real Time Media's Influence on Foreign Policy

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Essay title: Explain Real Time Media's Influence on Foreign Policy

Explain Real Time Media’s Influence on Foreign Policy

�Real time media’ is a method commonly used by media outlets in order to report issues as they unfold. Characteristics of real time include constant broadcasting of news which travels around the world; they are mainly headline dominated and live-orientated. This approach is separated into two formats; �Breaking News’ or a �Continuing Crisis’. Both of these have a major impact on foreign policy and politicians alike as it affects the jobs of editors, reporters, and leaders.

Firstly, the job of the editor is to ensure that the news is shown or distributed to the public as it unfolds. This creates a lot of pressure for the editor, and as a result, they insist journalists to broadcast live footage for the public, in order to show them current events. Reporters are notified and rush off to leaders, bombarding them with questions regarding the incident. As a result of this quick process, leaders urge their experts and diplomats regarding instant policy analysis and recommendations.

There are several effects that this can have on the foreign policy of any particular country, depending on the approach taken by the news station. The �CNN effect’ involves broadcasting images that push governments to do something, much like in the Bosnian tragedy. Another strong technique is the �Body Bag’ effect, producing images of casualties which tend to pull governments away; this was prevalent during the Vietnam War, in which guerrilla warfare massacred American troops. Lastly, the �Bullying effect’ displays images of excessive force, which tends to cause negative public opinion towards the �bully’; a perfect example of this is an Israeli tank facing a young Arab boy with a rock in his hand. By using these techniques, the media industry successfully alerts reporters, diplomats and leaders alike of the conflicts surrounding them.


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