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Expose the Noise: Music Through Time

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Essay title: Expose the Noise: Music Through Time


Expose the Noise: Music Through Time

Rock and Roll has been apart of peoples lives for an extremely long time; classic rock, modern rock and hard rock can be classified by development of their lyrics over time. There lyrics are similar but very different in there own way. With Classic rock having one tone and Modern with another and Hard rock with a completely different sound all evolved from the same background.

Beginning with classic rock, developed in the early 60’s during a time of war and peace with oneself. People started listening to music that deal with everyday situations, whether it was drugs, sex and love or peace. All the lyrics in som

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Next would be Modern rock with a more up beat sound and a complete change in lyrics. Modern rock has more developed lyrics with more detail for what is discussed. eway had something to with one of the mentioned types. If you have to let go, listen to some hard rock and let it sooth the pain away. Hippies are the common people you have grown to remember during this era. People tend to listen to this music as a sort of release from

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