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Essay title: Freedom


Freedom is the right that was granted to me on May 2nd, 1983. The constitution of the United States of America gives me the right to freedom because I am a United States citizen. Freedom to me is my right to express myself in any way I choose. Freedom is defined as having liberty of action or thought, independent. Self-governed or not controlled by an outside party also is the definition for freedom. Freedom has different meaning to each individual thus making it hard to find a clear concise definition.

When referring to freedom these words are often associated with freedom: Liberty, independence, sovereignty, autonomy, privilege, immunity, and indulgence. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and justice. Independence is granted by freedom in the sense that an outside party does not control you. To gratify ones desires by whichever ways they choose is freedom through indulgence. Privileges are g ranted through freedom. In some countries the dictator or ruler makes choices for their people on regards to what profession they shall have or to what religion they shall worship. In the United States we have special privileges that let the people of the country decide on their own religion and professions.

Freedom has limitations just as it has privileges. Everyone is allowed freedom of speech, but if an individual were to yell fire in a public building they would be thrown in jail. Thus implying that freedom of speech has limitations. The government does in some sense have the right to place limitations on a persons freedom of speech, but can not take it away from them. The government can however reprimand a person for misuse of their right to freedom of speech. Freedom of expression is also grated by the constitution by there are laws prohibiting indecent exposure. This law places limits on the freedom of expression. The government has decided that people are allowed to express themselves however they see fit with in the guideline the laws have set for the citizens. If I person chooses to express themselves outside the set boundaries they will have to pay the consequences.

If I had to determine a formula to determine freedom I would begin with a persons right to have many choices. In the United States a person has many choices. In everyday life people choose to go to school, to eat breakfast, and to get married. People also make bad choices like to shoplift, to drive a plane into the World Trade Center, or to drown

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