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Gap Analysis Global Communication

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Essay title: Gap Analysis Global Communication


Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Today is realities we live in globalization business and this situation involve different culture, language, system and law in world business.

Global Communications is a telecommunications company that was once an industry leader. Now Global Communication time to make necessary changes to remain profitable and competitive.

Global Communication senior leadership team has developed a new strategy in order to complete with its competitors and save company from financially problem because in three years the stock is value more than 50% depreciation. First, they are plan to introducing new products and services to reach a global customer base and also wants to outsource its’ technical call centers to Ireland and India. And second plan, senior team has identified that will increase company’s profitability with cost cutting that is mean reduce in salaries expenses and technical supporting.

They obtained approval to implement the plans but not without problems. The biggest challenge facing Global Communications is the care and concern of their current employees, who will most likely lose their jobs and will layoff. The senior leadership team did not consult and keep confidential any of their plans to the union representative or the employees prior to their plans.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications is faced with economic issues because telecommunications companies are under tremendous economic pressure and Global Communication is no exception. The leaders team with their plans want market itself more aggressively on an international level with the goal of becoming a truly global resource.

The leader team is management and that is” mean communication. Every managerial function and activity involves some form of direct or indirect communication. Whether planning and organizing or directing and leading, managers find themselves communicating with and through others” (Robert & Angelo, 2004).

Global Communication leaders should consider all possible motives to resolve issues and make the best decisions. “By improving decision making, knowledge management, employee needs and coordination, workplace communication has a significant effect on organizational performance” (McShane & Glinow, 2005). They are come together to strategize plans to restructure the company and through the plans they are trying to implement to reach company goals. The leaders team Global Communication having difficulty communicating the information to employees because treating their employees well, so they don’t want to ruin that reputation because their employees are a vital part and they realize their employees will unsatisfied with company’s new strategies . Global Communications leader team determined to find way with Workers Union. An already troubled relationship between the Union and Global Communications was destroyed due to the implementation of the strategic plan without the willingness of a negotiation with the Union. Several perspectives and ethical dilemmas arose. A strong relationship must be established by both parties to regain Global Communication market value. Individuals and organizations seldom take the time and the effort to solve a problem systematically. Managers are faced with pressures to increase profits, reduce costs, and improve company growth while meeting the needs of shareholders. Sometimes these decisions seem impossible because of the conflicting rights and values of the different stakeholders involved.

“Problem Solving Based Scenarios: An approach to identity opportunities to create value for the business (White Papers, reading week 3). The 9-Step Problem-Solving Model used in the USAUTO and AUTOMEX scenario can be described as a sequential, step-by-step procedure to make best decision:

1. Describe the situation

2. Frame the right problem

3. Describe end state and goal

4. Identify alternatives

5. Evaluate alternatives

6. Identify and assess risks

7. Make the decision

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