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Gap Analysis: Global Communication

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Essay title: Gap Analysis: Global Communication

Global Communication is a company that is faced with many challenges. Within the past three years Global Communications stock values has plunged from $28 to $11 per share more than 50 percent depreciation. Recently, Global Communications reduced it employee’s benefits in hoping this would be a long term growth for the company. Global Communication is struggling with competing in the telecommunication industry, but this analysis will show and prove that with the right team and dedication Global communications can bounce back and become a effective competitor in the telecommunication industry.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communication has been under tremendous economic pressure and it’s not just Global Communications but the entire telecommunications community. As mentioned in the introduction, in the past three years Global Communications’ stock has declined from $28 per share to $11, more than 50 % depreciation. There is so much competition for the local, long-distance and international markets for small businesses and if that was not enough there is a huge competition with the cable companies.

Global Communications senior leadership team has come up with two aggressive approaches to mind the problems that the company is facing. First, they plan to introduce new services, to its small business and consumer customers (Baxi, 2007). To compete with the local telephone and cable companies (Baxi, 2007), they have created alliances with satellite (Baxi, 2007), providers to offer video services as well as satellite version of broadband (Baxi, 2007). They have a partnership with a wireless provider (Baxi, 2007), that will allow the small business (Baxi, 2007), owners anytime internet access through the wireless telephone (Baxi, 2007) and or PC card (Baxi, 2007) and companies information can be accessed remotely (Baxi, 2007). Second, Global Communications is planning to market itself more aggressively internationally. Although, Global Communications has decided to outsource their call centers to Ireland and India this will result with laying off employees.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Katrina Heinz is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Communications and has been with the company for only six months. Katrina’s primary objective is to increase revenues and profit. Sy Rodriguez is the Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Sales. Sy has been with Global Communications for more than 20 years. During his time with Global Communications he has helped establish relationship with most of the key stakeholder. Sy is focused and driven and he specializes in getting results. Nancy Everhardt is the Executive Vice President of Small Business and Marketing Sales and is new to Global Communications. Joel is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Public Relations. Joel has been with the company for 25 years and has built an effective relationship with all key stakeholders including the Union. Maria Antez is the Vice President in the Technologies Workers Union. Maria is the liaison between Global Communications and Union for the past 10 years and has established an effective relationship.

Although, Global Communications and Technologies Workers Union has a great relationship with each other. Technologies Workers Union feels as if Global Communications is not looking in the best interest of the employees regarding their new strategy. Technologies Workers Union thinks that it is unethical to lay off employees that

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