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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Essay title: Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Global Communication is trying to outsource some of their call centers to other countries. This happening it is causes issues and opportunities to arise within the organization. In this paper it will discuss concepts that face Global Communication, the stakeholder’s rights, values and interest; it will also discuss the end-state vision of the Global communication in the future. After reading this paper you should be able to know the issues and opportunities that Global Communication came face to face with. The solutions that might be the best for Global Communication to work on making things easier for them.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Many events led to the problem that Global Communication is facing. One of the main events it where the lack of communication that occurred between Maria Antez, Vice President of the Technologies Union Workers and Global Communication. Maria was not told of the new outsourcing of the call centers to India and Ireland. She had to find this out from when the board got wind of it. This made her look very foolish in front of their employers. This event made it hard for global communication just to turn away from. This event caused the problem with the employees. This event should have been done different. They should have come to Maria so that she could have been more prepared to give explanation to her employees. This falls in the category with trust. If there is no trust in the company then no trust will become the down fall of the company. Another event that lead to problems within global Communication is lack of planning. Global Communication jumping from topic to topic and trying to cover so much ground in one setting had led to issues. Global Communication was taking on many task without making sure that any of them were taking flight. They were trying to have a new set of values and planning a idea to set before their board, also they were trying to figure out what to do with the situation of the unhappy employees.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Stakeholders that are involved in Global Communication are employees, shareholders and customers. Employees want their company to appreciate them and respect their rights by letting them know what is going on in their workplace. Employees also want to be equally paid for the work they are giving their company. If employees are respected they will be very loyal to their employers. If their company is always giving pay cuts and not promising that they will be able to keep their jobs, then they are not going to be willing to work with their employers. Employers don’t think that it is fair for many companies to up and move to another country. When a company moves it will leave many employees out of a job. Which is something that all employees want to know is that they can know that in a month, year or longer that they will have a job.

Shareholders want to feel like they are apart of the company they have shares in, that they are not left out of any decisions that are being made. They want to be respected and want to know anything and everything that is going on with their shares. Shareholders feel like they have the right to make decisions within the company that the rest of the company should respect. They more than likely feel that they should have more clout than the employees since they are helping run things. Shareholders, I believe are going to do whatever that is best for the company, even if it means letting a few or all of the employees go.

Customers feel that they should be respected since they are the ones giving the company business. Customers want to be given the best service possible for the product they are paying for. Customers feel like their needs have the highest priority due to keeping the business going. Their attitudes are such “If it wasn’t for them then the company wouldn’t be able to stay up and working.” Customers believe that they should always be right. Customers providing the money so that the organization can stay open they feel that their needs are more important. If moving to other countries to better provide them with service then they feel that will better respect them.

Each of these stakeholders feels that they have greater rights then the other. They all feel that they have a greater part in the company then the other. This issues cause a lot of problems for Global Communication. Global Communication is so busy trying to keep all the stakeholders happy that they forget some of the things that need more attention then this. Global Communication needs to find a way to set aside times to make sure that everyone involved

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