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Global Communication

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Essay title: Global Communication


Our world today has become global. In this changing world where communities have become more diverse and financial stability remains merely an ideal vision, communications has become the main tool for our nation’s business exchanges. In this paper I’m introducing the Global communication corporation (GC) and the problems that they are facing. GC goes global by conducting a full analysis to the existing scenario and allowing for new strategies to be implemented. This is done by creating alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services as well as a satellite version of broadband.

However, growing technology and expanding small business causes competition. This puts GC in a crossroad with their stockholders, which causes the stockholders to lose money. GC also conflicts with the workers’ unions. This aggravated conflict results in the absence of shared information between the worker’s union and GC. The workers’ unions are concerned about employee layoffs and the issues accompanied with it, this lack of communication causes increased conflict with GC. I also suggest that efforts should be made to involve the organization of members in the communication process. The article also offers views of Generation Y on how an organization can adapt to them. “Communication World, Mar/Apr2008, Vol. 25”

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications (GC) has several problems facing their success due to global development. However, many problems are developing from within the organization. The first issue concerns the stockholders pressure upon GC. These stockholders are pressuring GC to find a solution that will boost their benefits after the stock prices plummeted three years ago from a high of $28 to its current price of $11 a share. This loss of more than 50% in market exchange rates causes great strain upon GC to find a quick and profitable solution.

The second issue involves the growing competition within the market. This growing strives for increased revenue is the main reason for the decrease of market value. However, the cable companies challenge GC economically by offering their costumer the ultimate package (internet, television and telephone services). Global Communication has to appeal to the stakeholders by allowing for quick profit.

The third issue concerns the lack of communication in between GC and the unions. The management must quickly implement a new plan to increase the revenues of their shareholders by introducing new services and reducing cost. This is done by outsourcing most of their call centers to India and Ireland. This aggressive approach will solve the main issue in which the economical value of the company is increased. However, this approach will put GC in an ethical dilemma with the union. The union stakeholders are cut short and denied the right to be part of the new vision and the decision making. This puts the executives at GC at a moral crossroad. They experience monetary gain; however they do so at the cost of the employees.

Global communication management should attempt to debate the challenges ahead and address the global issues to groups of donors, including the stakeholders and the union. This approach is advocated by McShane and Glinow, “In most conflicts, more than one issue is at stake and each party values the issues differently. Workplace communication has a significant effect on organizational performance” (McShane & Glinow, 2005). Communications within the company, from executive to laborer to stakeholder, must be improved to avoid conflict between the parties. Company representatives, weekly company updates, instantaneous internet messages, and regular face-to-face company conferences are all tools in which this situation could be improved.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The negative effects of the situation are most visible in the misinformation of the union workers who had not been

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