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Global Communications Problem Solution

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Essay title: Global Communications Problem Solution

Global Communications Problem Solution

University of Phoenix

Global Communications

Global Communications is under tremendous economical pressure due to increased competition in the telecommunication market. In an attempt to save, the company from more financial crises, Global Communications' senior management team has developed two specific strategies both are very aggressive approach, first to outsource jobs to Ireland and India, and second to layoff employees within the company. The senior management team has the board of directors' approval to implement an aggressive approach; however, the Technologies Workers Union is against both strategies. Global Communications wants to utilize new strategies to improve profit and now the union threatening to take legal action against Global Communications. As per union outsourcing, approach will set an alarming precedent for the whole industry.

Situation Analysis

Global Communications is facing several issues. The first issue is that the current stock price has dropped more than 50 percent within last three years. The second issue is the competition within the telecommunication market for the same business. The third issue is the lack of internal organizational communication among employees and senior management as well as other stakeholders in the company. The fourth issue is Global Communications failed to consider all possible solutions to increase profitability. Issues always bring opportunities if companies can frame the problem correctly. Global Communications is building alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services and the partnership with a wireless provider will allow better connectivity, introduce new services, as well as improve current technical sophistication within the company. Once they have new service plans to offer for small business and consumer they can attract more customers that are new and generate more revenue that will increase profit

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