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Global Communications Problem Solution

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Essay title: Global Communications Problem Solution

Problem Solution: Global Communications

The problem/opportunity facing Global Communications is eliminating the currently ineffective methods of communication regarding layoffs and dissemination of company operational policies through electing to create inclusive and effective communication plans between each employee level and operating area of the company and providing clear motivational career transition options for the future as Woodrow Wilson said, “The ear of the leader/s must ring with the voices of the people.”

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications senior leadership team followed the existing pattern of basing their future presence and profits growth on layoffs, outsourcing and new provider partnerships, they failed to create and communicate an integrative transitional plan (Integrative negotiation) of action for employees facing layoff, a plan which would satisfy all stakeholders i.e. (employees, exiting and remaining, the union heads’, the board, the customers, themselves et al). Employee empathy overall was not present in communication from the senior leadership team but, the opportunity to change the existing layoff paradigm was present in this scenario, and was not seen by the Global Communications leadership team causing them to miss an problem/opportunity and create win-win. The people who decide and implement the layoffs seldom envision possibilities and opportunities available within the layoff process or effectively communicate them. “We can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking, we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

“Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all” (Alexander the Great). Several conflicts of interest occurred in this situation concerning the stakeholders, the Global Communications board and its senior leadership team did not take into consideration their social responsibility, nor was fair treatment of employees a primary concern, the boards’ right to increased profits for their stockholders was primary, the leadership team acting swiftly to implement its action plan for growth approved by the board, did not communicate honestly with the union or its representative, nor the employees. The employees were denied respect and consideration by the leadership team. The leadership teams’ integrity and ethical stance were called into question by the exclusion of the union representative and employees being communicationally cut off from the company plan for the future. The board representing the face of the company would suffer in the public perception from poor public relations planning, allowing media sources to draw their own picture, vs. being handed a collaborative action plan by Global Communications, formulated by input from all stakeholders perspectives.

Problem Statement

“I am for those means, which will give the greatest good to the greatest number”(Abraham Lincoln). The necessary implementation of layoffs will cease to be an environment of win-lose and the existing communication, layoff paradigm will transform into an overall benefit through applying the concepts of emotional intelligence, clear concise communication and establishing relational contracts that outline organizational and employee commitment, creating a win-win environment for the people whom are effected and affected by the layoff process, thus effectively changing the paradigm of the layoff process as currently practiced and communicated.

End-State Vision

Global Communications rededication to the company motto: “Our people are our edge” has implemented ethical actions, which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely that provide rapid response intervention by people empathic to the emotional traumas associated with layoffs and how they are communicated


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