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Global Communications

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Essay title: Global Communications

Problem Solution: Global Communications

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The following is an analysis of the problems evident in the Global Communications scenario. The management team within Global Communications is weak in many areas including internal communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The lack of effective communication could easily be held to blame for the recent demand for immediate actions to be taken due to the drop in stock value. If there was better communication within the company, this decline in the cost of shares could have been forecasted and addressed appropriately rather than being forced to make drastic, last minute decisions. The low morale of the employees and the negative publicity experienced is due to the lack of communication with a key stakeholder. The union has made sacrifices, including reducing the size of their benefits package on the behalf of their workers to aid in the financial support of Global Communications. In return, they were not notified of additional actions to retain profits and were completely disregarded when requesting negotiations. In this paper, these issues have been considered [Use the active voice unless you have a very good reason for choosing the passive voice. While both are grammatically correct, active verbs are usually more effective because they are simpler and more direct.] a well as other sources to develop an optimal solution, alternate solutions, and a plan of action .

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Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications’ problems stem from their lack of effective communication, the decisions made that effected a major group within their stakeholders, and the competiveness [Check spelling] of the current market.

The first major event that initiated these problems is the decline in stock prices. Competition increased and the technology needed to keep up was not properly addressed. Once the shares hit an all time low, the board members were under tremendous pressure to develop and execute a plan of action immediately.

The second major cause of Global Communications’ current issues is the decision to not include the Union of the proposed changes. The Union recently made sacrifices for the financial losses experienced by the company. The union as Global Communications being unappreciative of the efforts received the lack of involvement in the development of the long-term plan of action.

There was yet another major decision that has caused the current dilemma. The decision to refuse to compromise or even properly address the concerns of the union will have many long-term negative effects. [This paragraph is too short: either add more detail or join it to another that deals with the same/similar topic. Remember that a paragraph is a series of sentences that relate to a particular point that you want to make. They usually consist of four or five sentences "bunched" together around one idea.]

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Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The three stakeholder groups of Global Communications are the investors, the union, and the consumers. The management team along with the board of directors has a responsibility to all three of these groups. The ethical dilemmas are usually involving choices between informing other groups besides the investors when taking risky actions to gain profits.

The conflict of interest occurs between the union and the investors directly and the consumers indirectly. The financial decision that must be made to increase profitability for the investors is not always beneficial to the employees. The consumer may not agree with how the profits were gained but will not be as concerned due tot the need for the product or services rendered.

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Problem Statement

Global Communications

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