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Its a Wonderful Life Movie Review

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Essay title: Its a Wonderful Life Movie Review

It’s a Wonderful Life is a good family movie. Everyone in my household enjoyed watching the movie and has become known as a family classic. This movie has an awesome cast, terrific story line, and most of all depicts a mans character from losing self-esteem to regaining his importance in life.

This movie is a story of a man’s life and how he has helped the citizens of his community that he grew up with. Thru out the movie he tries to leave his hometown, but is always put in situations where is finds himself obligated to stay. By staying he does acts of righteousness for his follow man.

Later in the film he falls in love and starts a family. His business (a savings and loan company) starts to come apart and faces closing the doors. He discovers he is worth more dead then alive. His Guardian Angle comes to visit and saves him from a suicide attempt.

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