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Jaws Media

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Essay title: Jaws Media

Media Assignment...

In this assignment I will explain how Steven Spielberg builds tension within the opening scene of �Jaws’. �Jaws �is a very successful film based on a popular novel by Peter Benchley released in 1975. The director was Steven Spielberg; other thrillers which he has taken the world by surprise are are E.T as well as Schindlers List. The film itself is about a shark which attacks swimmers in a small seaside town. The Chief of Police attempts to close the beach in order to protect swimmers , but the mayor of the town doesn’t want to close the beach as the movie is dated very close to 4th July which is a big day for all Americans. Throughout the film the shark attacks and kills more people. Further through the film the Chief of Police, a Scientist and a local Fisherman who killed a different shark go out and try and kill “Jaws”. During their hunt for the shark they come across it, the shark manages to kill one of the characters but the others throw and oxygen tank into the sharks mouth causing it to explode. In the end they return to the town triumphant. The tag line “Don’t Go in the Water” suggests that something unknown is in the water.

During the title sequence the soundtrack is played and the camera and is a P.O.V shot (point of view). The music signals that the shark is coming closer to an unsuspecting victim. The audience at this point believe that there will be a major event as the music builds to a crescendo. Other ways music is used to build tension is when there is silence after the first attack making the viewers believe that something will happen again. As well as this when the first girl is attacked and killed there is a bell tolling in the background and the bells played is the bell that would be played at a funeral representing death so the audience know that the girl is dead.

Near the ending of the beach scene the camera zooms out and in

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