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Lost in a Struggle to Become a Father

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Essay title: Lost in a Struggle to Become a Father

“Lost” in a Struggle to Become a Father

A father has a moral obligation to raise his son to become a man, but when a mother creates a rift in this relationship, this obligation does not disappear. Michael and Walt’s father and son relationship from the television series “Lost” is a power struggle due to a situation with moral implications introduced by Susan, Walt’s mother. The tension they experience has moral implications evidenced by the progression of their relationship. Susan leaves Michael when Walt is a year old. Trying for a better life, she takes Walt with her to Amsterdam to follow a job opportunity, but she is actually trying to sever the ties between father and son. A life-changing event happens when Susan dies nine years later: Walt is to live with a father he has never known.

Susan leaves Michael because of their relationship difficulties. She says… Michael tries to make an argument to keep Walt, but Susan shuts him down with legal speak. Because Michael is not working, she implies the courts will side with her because she can take better care of Walt. Unmarried, Michael and Susan’s relationship dissolves without much more of a struggle. Michael still tries to keep his moral responsibilities as a father. He tries to speak to Walt on the phone, even though Walt is too young to speak. He even uses his artistic talent to create birthday cards, greeting cards, and letters for Walt, but Susan steps in and tries to erase any relationship Michael is obligated to have with his son. All letters and cards sent from Michael to Walt are hidden. Susan blocks any communication attempt made by Michael.

In another attempt to stifle Michael and Walt’s relationship, Susan introduces a new father figure into Walt’s life. By adopting Walt, Brian moves into the vacant position Michael once owned. Michael is powerless in trying to uphold his moral responsibility as a father. Walt is not aware of his biological father’s attempts to contact him. He lives his life with Brian as the only father figure he has ever known. This results in a disconnection between father and son. When tragedy strikes Walt’s household, his life is turned upside-down.

Susan suddenly dies of a rare blood disorder. Brian did not want to adopt Walt, but he only did so to make Susan happy. Here is the tricky part: Brian dumps the father responsibility into Michael’s lap, and Michael, the biological father, accepts the responsibility. This is the beginning of the power struggle between Michael and Walt. Michael tries to protect Walt by not telling him the truth about Brian not wanting to be his father, but his son does not see his protection; Walt only sees Michael trying to step into a position he did not earn.

Walt begins their relationship with disrespect. Prior to catching the flight

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