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Management Vs. Receptionist

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Essay title: Management Vs. Receptionist

Management Vs. Receptionist

Working full time and going to college full time can be a very challenging thing to do. Students are often tired from a lack of sleep due to studying late, and exhausted from pressures at work. It is virtually impossible for an individual to go to school and not have a job of some kind. The reality is that most students’ require the income. I have been going to college for two years, and I have worked full time since day one. I currently work as a receptionist at an advertising firm, prior to that I managed a pay day loan store for three years. Both of these jobs have provided challenges and learning experiences, some similar, and some very different.

I managed a pay day lending store for three years. I started off as an assistant manager for the first 6 months and then I was promoted when the original store manager put in his two weeks notice. As a store manager I acquired many more responsibilities. Payday lending had only originally required me to master a few main processes, including, qualifying the customer for a loan, processing the loan, and then disbursing the loan. Then I became responsible for running the whole store. Many more things besides those basic processes that go on behind the scenes had then become my responsibility. First and foremost, I was now responsible for supervising my assistant manager. I had to keep track of her daily activities and make sure she was trained to operate the store properly when I was away at lunch, or taking a day off. If she was to make a big mistake, it would ultimately be my fault for not making sure she was aware of how a procedure was to be done.

I was also responsible for managing our profit and loss. At the end of each month I would receive a statement from my direct supervisor showing how much money was spent on operations for our store, and how much money we actually made. I was constantly under pressure to achieve the revenue goals set for each individual month. Aside from managing profit and loss, I

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