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Managing a Procrastinator

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Essay title: Managing a Procrastinator

In the Managing the Procrastinating Employee article in the May/June 2000 issue of Manage it helps Managers who are the primary audience to cope with employees who procrastinate. A Manager is otherwise know as a technician since this is something that he or she has to deal with on a daily basis. When going into the article further you find that there is a secondary audience, this is the general reader. The general reader could read this article and determine if in fact he or she really is a procrastinator just by reading the symptoms such as always handing work in late and always making excuses.

There are several possible purpose statements for this article:

1. How to deal with an employee that procrastinates.

2. How to tell if you are a procrastinator.

3. Reasons why people are procrastinators.

I feel the best one is Reasons why people are procrastinators and how to deal with them. The symptoms of a procrastinator are: overwhelming tasks, underwhelming tasks, over or under managed, profectionism, fear of failure or success, "crisis' junkies, overcommitters, impulsive, multiple deadlines, Separate self from task,

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